Postgame Quotes vs. Murray State

Jan. 2, 2001

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Jamie Holmes
"We came out in the beginning of the game and got some easy shots. The shots were falling. We tended to get a little lazy on offense and weren't working as hard as we needed to to get good shots. We went in at halftime and coach (Davey) told us to be a lot more patient on offense. We did that and we got better looks at the basket in the second half. We knew we could (shoot well). It was just a matter of being patient and taking good shots. I practice with these guys everyday and I know they are all good shooters. It was just a matter of time before they started knocking them down. This win really helps build our confidence. It helps let us know that we can come out, be down, pull it together and rebound to get things going again. It helps our team morale. To be able to turn it on says a lot about our team."

Steve Ross
"With our team, as far as outside shooting is concerned, we haven't been shooting that well because we tend to rush our shots. In the first half we got out of our offense a little bit and started to rush our shots. In the second half, coach Davey told us to be patient, run the offense and when we have an open shot, don't be afraid to shoot it. I just tried to be patient and that's what the rest of the guys did and our shots fell tonight. Our execution in the first half wasn't that great and we weren't happy with our effort. There wasn't much energy on the court. We were down 10 at the half and gave much better effort."

Dick Davey
"They key issue to looking good is to make baskets. We obviously didn't make baskets in the first half. In the second half we made a couple of baskets and looked a lot better. The game is simple. We have to start stroking the ball. That is kind of important. We'd like to shoot (the ball) better. Obviously we haven't up to this point. Maybe there is something good ahead of us. We are thinking positively at this point. Our offense in the Stanford game had a lot to do with the Stanford defense. Tonight in the second half, I felt we got it up, got it going and had good production. I think our team all knows (Steve Ross) can shoot the ball. He hasn't done as much of that as we would like him to yet. But, he really hasn't played college basketball in almost two years. Once he gets it going shootingwise, I think he will continue to show some things that will make a good future for him and our team."