2014-15 Santa Clara Men's Basketball News

July 14, 2014
EYEBRONCO: Up Close with Men's Basketball Freshman Evan Wardlow
Evan Wardlow is the next men's basketball freshman to take part in his first EYEBRONCO interview as he sits down with Jared Brownridge in this video. The two talk about getting adjusted to campus, look-a-likes and being away from home among other topics.

July 11, 2014
EYEBRONCO: Up Close with Men's Basketball Freshman Matt Hubbard
As we continue to meet the new wave of Santa Clara basketball players, senior Yannick Atanga sits down with Matt Hubbard in this EYEBRONCO video. Watch Matt talk about adjusting to the college game, his fellow teammates, and the World Cup among other topics.

July 10, 2014
EYEBRONCO: Up Close with Men's Basketball Freshman Kai Healy
Yannick Atanga - current men's basketball player sits down with his new incoming freshman teammate - Kai Healy. In this EYEBRONCO report, they talk about the transition of being from another country, teammates, and kangaroos.

July 9, 2014
EYEBRONCO: Up Close With Men's Basketball Freshman Stephen Edwards
Denzel Johnson sits down with one of his newest teammates — 2014-15 freshman Stephen Edwards — in this EYEBRONCO video. Take a look at the pair's thoughts on Twitter, NBA free agency and video game competition amongst Edwards and his fellow freshmen.

July 3, 2014
EYEBRONCO: Men's Basketball Photo Day with Jared Brownridge
EYEBRONCO's photo day series has reached its finale! Denzel Johnson talks with his men's basketball teammate Jared Brownridge about the team's Instagram power rankings and the roommate situation.

July 2, 2014
EYEBRONCO: Men's Basketball Photo Day with Emmanuel Ndumanya and Yannick Atanga
The men's basketball photo day series continues with Yannick Atanga and Emmanual Ndumanya. Denzel Johnson talks with his teammates about which of their native countries he should visit, and the pair puts Denzel's Instagram game on blast in this EYEBRONCO video.

July 1, 2014
EYEBRONCO: Men's Basketball Photo Day with Jarvis Pugh and Jalen Richard
In the second of the men's basketball photo day videos, EYEBRONCO reporter and men's basketball player Denzel Johnson talks with teammates Jarvis Pugh and Jalen Richard. Check out what the guys had to say about their peers' outfits and Denzel himself when he puts them on the spot.

June 30, 2014
EYEBRONCO: Men's Basketball Photo Day with Andrew Papenfus and Brandon Clark
EYEBRONCO is set to release the final slate of photo day videos this week, with four editions coming from the Santa Clara men's basketball team. The first one features interviews with Andrew Papenfus and Brandon Clark, take a look to see what the guys think about their opportunity to model.

June 23, 2014
Denzel Johnson Discusses Working at Bronco Summer Camp
Denzel Johnson (DJ) talks to Santa Clara University (SCU) about his experience working for Bronco summer camp. As a rising senior, Johnson is able to give us a unique perspective of a basketball players’ life during the off season.

June 23, 2014
EYEBRONCO: Women's Soccer Celebrity Golf Fundraiser - World Cup Edition
Santa Clara University Athletics hosted the first annual SCU Celebrity Golf Tournament – with more than 25 sports celebrities — benefitting the Bronco Bench Foundation and the Bronco women's soccer program on Mon., June 23 at the Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club in Menlo Park. Sports celebrities included former Super Bowl Champion players, a World Series Champion Manager, a Super Bowl referee, a Heisman Trophy Winner, World Cup Champions, Olympic Gold Medalists, MLB All-Stars, the current head coaches of the MLS Earthquakes and NHL Sharks -- the list goes on and on! In his first day as an EYEBRONCO reporter, men's basketball senior Yannick Atanga caught up with a number of the celebrities to talk World Cup soccer!

June 18, 2014
EYEBRONCO: 2014-15 Men's Basketball Freshmen Move in to Dorms
Incoming freshmen and future Santa Clara men's basketball players Matt Hubbard, Evan Wardlow, Kai Healy and Stephen Edwards moved in to their summer homes in Graham Hall Wednesday at Santa Clara. Take a look at what the guys brought along and their thoughts on getting to the Mission campus in this EYEBRONCO video.

June 16, 2014
EYEBRONCO: SCU WCC Freshmen of the Year Photo Day
Continuing with the photo day series, EYEBRONCO highlights Santa Clara's West Coast Conference freshmen of the year to go along with the feature article of the most recent Bronco Sports Magazine. Bronco basketball player Jared Brownridge chats with reporter Denzel Johnson about home cooking, summer plans, and Instagram. Golfers Tyler Kertson and Annie Freman chat with reporter David Gentile about some of the gear they brought along for the shoot.

June 14, 2014
Congrats to the Santa Clara University Graduates!
Congratulations to all the Bronco student-athletes graduating today and all the Santa Clara University graduates as well! Good luck today and in all you do in the future!

June 13, 2014
EYEBRONCO: Seniors Show off Graduation Cap Designs
Several Santa Clara seniors stopped by the Leavey Center to snap some photos for media relations in their graduation attire Friday afternoon. EYEBRONCO caught up with the student-athletes to talk about their cap designs (or lack thereof). Check out the creativity in this video!