Check It Out Today! Red, White and Bronco Blog Relaunched!

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Our update is finally here! As part of the re-launch of our blog, we added some new features including, a new name, "Ask Coach a Question," and personal stories. The Santa Clara Broncos blog is now a place to get to know the Broncos on a personal level and keep up with them on and off the field.

First, we changed the named to Red, White, and Bronco because it was the most voted on by all of you! We will use the hashtag #RedWhiteandBronco across our social media, so be on the lookout for that.

There is also a new feature called "Ask Coach a Question." You can submit a question for any of the Broncos coaches and we will post their response on the blog. In addition, send us questions for Athletic Director Dan Coonan as well! We will try to get to all the questions as soon as we can!

Our goal is to provide an insider's view of not only the SCU athletes, but also all of Bronco athletics that you won't normally see featured on our official website.

We hope you enjoy getting to see a different side of Bronco sports!

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