EYEBRONCO UNPLUGGED: Special Video of Steve Nash '96 Meeting With Bronco Basketball Team

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In this very special edition of EYEBRONCO UNPLUGGED, two-time NBA MVP and Bronco alum Steve Nash '96 met with the Bronco men's basketball team Fri., Feb. 28, outside the Laker's practice facility in Los Angeles.  Nash spoke to the team on the bus.

Nash shook hands, chatted and took pictures with many of the coaches and staff.  Click here to see the photo gallery.  And look at the Broncos' Instagram for more special photos, SantaClaraBroncos.

More importantly, Nash talked to the team about his career, his Santa Clara memories, tips on moving forward in live, the best player's he has played against, memories of his coaches, how he went to Leavey to shoot at 11 pm when Sportscenter came on and of course he was asked what he remembers about the day the Broncos beat Arizona as part of March Madness in 1993.

Note: the video was shot with a small camera so it's a bit choppy and shaky, but it is WELL WORTH THE WATCH!

Click here to watch the video