BREAKING NEWS: Calling All Ruff Riders for Thursday's Game Vs. Portland: Win $100!

WATCH:Calling all Ruff Riders! Watch a special message from the Broncos and Coach Keating

Santa Clara Game Notes

Bronco head men's basketball coach Kerry Keating understands the Ruff Riders are the men's basketball team's Sixth Man and at Thursday's game vs. Portland, he's ready to put his money where his mouth is to ensure Ruff Riders attendance!  Coach Keating is encouraging the Ruff Riders to attend Thursday's game with his latest idea - a series of $100 cash giveaways post-game.

For every 100 Ruff Riders in attendance, Coach Keating will have a drawing for $100 cash after the game. 

It works like this -- Ruff Riders will be scanned for admittance in the usual way.  Each Ruff Rider will be given a ticket for the post-game drawing. Ruff Riders - you must be present for the drawing.  As soon as the game is over, Coach Keating will draw one ticket for every 100 Ruff Riders who were counted for attendance.  If there are 1000 Ruff Riders there, he will give away 10 $100 bills. If there are 2000 Ruff Riders there, he will have 20 drawings for $100 each!

"We want to encourage all the Ruff Riders to come to the game on Thursday. The more friends they bring, the most chances they will have to win $100 after the Portland game," said Keating.  "I want the Ruff Riders there - they can help us win this game and they will be rewarded for their attendance post-game."