July 2, 2010

Santa Clara Basketball Reunion

The Santa Clara University men’s basketball coaches and staff will host a reunion for former coaches and players on Sun., Aug. 15, 2010 in Santa Clara at 3 pm.  Santa Clara’s hope is that this reunion serves three purposes: it's for former players and coaches to connect with the current Broncos, help relay the past to the present and continue to share in the future of Santa Clara basketball.

“One of the main points we stress when we recruit is a respect for the past that many have come before,” said Bronco head coach Kerry Keating.  “We want to connect our team with the former Broncos who left their blood, sweat and in some cases tears on the floor.  I had the pleasure of spending a day with Coach Williams and enjoyed hearing wonderful stories about the teams he coached.  I am sure many of you can reciprocate those past events and I hope to do that en masse at our annual reunion this August.”

Former players and coaches please join Santa Clara basketball for a great afternoon of barbeque, basketball, bag boss, bocce and most importantly, stories from the past.  We are excited and look forward to seeing as many Broncos as possible!

For more information please contact Director of Basketball Operations Jesse Pruitt at 408-554-2339 or jpruitt@scu.edu.

Please RSVP by Aug. 1, 2010.