March 1, 2011

Santa Clara's West Coast Conference Honorees Comment

Santa Clara's Troy Payne, Kevin Foster and Evan Roquemore all received West Coast Conference honors Tuesday. Payne was named the WCC Defender of the Year, Kevin Foster was named to the All-WCC First Team and Evan Roquemore was named to the WCC All-Freshman Team.  Below each commented on the honors they received and also the honors their teammates received as well.

Payne on being named WCC Defender of the Year:

It's a great honor; I've been working hard on it all season long. At the beginning of the season my goal was to be the defensive player of the year in the conference. I held myself to it and my teammates helped me each time out on the court to get the job done. At the start of the WCC play I aimed to be more aggressive in rebounding, especially on the defensive end. I know where they're coming from on defense so I just try to get them. (when going for a steal): I am anticipating what the other teams' offense is going to do and then try and make good reads, try not to gamble too much and hopefully let the player give me the ball (smiles).

(On the Award): I won't celebrate it now. Probably after the season is all over and said and done because it doesn't stop here. It keeps going. I'm going to improve throughout the WCC Tournament.

Payne's view on the team's best WCC game this year:

San Diego because we were down 20 [points]. We showed our toughness, we showed that we could come back from being down so many points. We managed to come back and get the win.

over and said and done, but it doesn't stop here. It keeps going. I'm going to try to improve.

Payne commented on the play of Roquemore:

Evan was killing it this year. Evan had a great campaign as a freshman and did an excellent job. We could rely on him for free throws at the end of the game. I thought he had it won, the WCC Newcomer of the Year, but you know that's why they do the voting.

Foster talked about Payne being the WCC Defender of the Year:

Troy deserves to win the WCC Defender of the Year. He keeps'em under control and really helped us out because there a lot of good players in the league and he kept them under wraps.

Foster commented on being named to the All-WCC First Team:

It's a really big honor.  I am really happy that I won the award, but we have a lot of bigger things that we need to accomplish this year and we're not done because the regular season is over. We are going to try to go as far as we can in the conference tournament.

Roquemore commented on being named to the Freshman All-WCC Team:

Being named to the WCC All-Freshman team is a great accomplishment. It shows that I put in a lot of hard work and shows other people know that I have done a good job. It was a goal in the pre-season because I want[ed] to excel as one of the best freshmen this year. Being on the team just shows they noticed I was a good player.

Roquemore commented on Foster's play this year:

Kevin's play this year was huge. He had big games, he knocked down big shots. He showed that he could carry us and lead us to big wins.

Roquemore commented on playing in his hometown of Las Vegas this weekend for the WCC Tournament:

I'm very excited. I am looking forward to showing my family and friends what my team can do. We've shown everybody out here what we can do and we will work to continue to improve. Playing at home in the WCC Tournament just shows that I get a chance to show everyone at home what I've been doing out here, all the work I have been putting in and how I can continue to improve.