August 12, 2010

Santos in Europe Playing Hoops

Aug. 15, 2010

Hey everyone,

I haven't been able to get internet these last couple days, we have our last game this afternoon.  

We got to Germany yesterday (Saturday).  We are 2-1 since our first game.  We played all D II (Germany's second division) teams and the competition's been pretty good.  I didn't realize how tiring back-to-back games would be.  We haven't played very well but snuck out a few wins.  We started off down 20 last night and then won in overtime.  I had 15 but can't buy a jump shot.  Everyone's legs are dead but hopefully we'll get a victory today and be 4-1.  I guess Monday we go to London for the day and then we head out of Belgium Tuesday.    



Aug. 12, 2010

Senior basketball player Michael Santos is in Europe this week playing on a college team through Global Sports Academy.  The following is a Q and A with Michael while he plays across the pond.  At the end, is a special message from Michael so read until the end!  Keep checking back for daily updates!

Global Sports Academy is a non-profit organization created to arrange athletic competition between equally matched teams at all levels.  To "Promote International Goodwill" and a better understanding between nations through sports is our major goal.  With Global Sports Academy you will experience the thrill of international sports competition, attend cultural events and see the historical sites in the world.

SCU: Where are you?

MS: We are in Brussels, Belgium today. We go to France, Germany, and I think we end in London.

SCU: Who are you with? What kind of team?

MS: Lamont Smith, Arizona State assistant coach and former SCU assistant is the head coach.  It's through the Global Sports Academy.

SCU: How did you get hooked up with the team?

MS: Coach Smith invited me back in the spring.  Coach Keating told me about it originally and he thought it would be really good for me.

SCU: Do you know any of the guys?  How many are on the team from D-1 schools?

MS: All D 1 guys.  Joe Harded and Eddie Miller from UC Davis, Brian Barber from Columbia, Steve Moore from Mizzou, and Trent Lockett from ASU. 

SCU: Will you sightsee?

MS: We have a day tour almost everyday.  We went to Brugse yesterday.  

SCU: Have you been to Europe before?

MS: Never been out of the country before.

SCU: Favorite things so far?

MS: How nice we've been treated and how much all the people like us.  Gave a couple kids SCU shirts and they were ecstatic.

SCU: Sights?

MS: Amazing, beautiful churches

SCU: How was the plane ride from California to Europe!??!

MS: LONG!! 11 hours to Frankfort, then a quick 40 min to Brussels


Special message from Michael Santos

Hello everyone,

We had our first game last night.  We played a Belgium professional team who I believe was in the third division.  We have six guys so were pretty much playing a controlled open gym style, which with the 24 clock is pretty up-tempo and fun.  I had 18 points, 4 boards, and 2 assists. It's a great group and we're all getting along and enjoying the trip.

We had a day tour in Brugse during the day before the game, which didn't really help our legs but it was a beautiful city!  Not really sure where we head next, I think France, but not sure.  I'll be in touch.

Go Broncos!