July 27, 2010

Trasolini's Summer Vacation

Written by Monica Griffith '10

On summer break between his sophomore and junior seasons, men's basketball standout Marc Trasolini is keeping busy and staying in shape while playing in Europe as part of Canada's Developmental Men's National Team. The team has been facing off against Ivory Coast, Belgium, Great Britain, Finland, Netherlands and Spain as part of a European exhibition tour.

Trasolini took some time out between games to fill in SantaClaraBroncos.com in on what he has been up to and what he is looking forward to in the upcoming season with the Broncos.

Prior to heading over to Europe, Trasolini participated in a training camp in Toronto, which served as a tryout for the team. During the week long camp in mid-July, Trasolini participated in two-a-day workouts as the coaches cut the squad down from 22 players to 14. Upon arriving in Europe, the team has beaten both Ivory Coast and Great Britain, but has faced losses against Belgium, Finland and the Netherlands.

 Trasolini said he had his best game in the team's second face off against the Netherlands, where he scored six points and nabbed a rebound. "I've been getting less minutes than I'm used to but I know that I'm one of the younger guys and just need to play a different role and contribute however I can. The fact is that most of these guys have been playing professionally for a few years and I'm still in college.  I'm just trying to get better each game and trying to help the team however I can," said Trasolini.

In the past, Trasolini has played for Canada as part of its age group teams—last summer he competed as part of Canada's Under-19 World Championship Team in New Zealand. However, Trasolini said this experience has been much different, with older, more experienced players (one teammate is nine years older than him!) and a higher level of competition. However, Trasolini is taking the opportunity to learn from his older teammates and improve his own game: "The older guys have been really good with helping me develop as a player and have also taught me a lot.  I'm especially learning all about playing professionally overseas and what it takes to be a player at the next level.  I have heard many interesting stories about what I will hopefully get to be a part of in the future," said Trasolini.

Canada's Developmental Men's National Team will face off next against Ivory Coast, who they hope to beat again, on July 31 and then will close its European exhibition tour with a game against Spain on August 1—the game Trasolini said he is most looking forward to "because they are one of the top 3 teams in the world and have many NBA stars." Details about Canada's developmental men's team and game statistics can be viewed on Canada Basketball's website.

Trasolini said he is thoroughly enjoying his experience—traveling to London, Belgium, Amsterdam and the Canary Islands—and also having fun off the court with his teammates, but said he is looking forward to his upcoming year with the Broncos: "I am really looking forward to this year and am hoping to carry over everything that I've learned so far into it.  Everyone's goal this offseason has been to improve and work on being as good as we can next year.  We know what it takes to win and are doing all we can to make sure that is what happens next year!"