Quotes - Santa Clara at Pacific

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Dick Davey, on game: "Two things really went well for us tonight, especially in the second half; good defense and making shots. We did a great job in both of those areas in the second half. When you combine those two things, you are going to be successful."

Davey, on team's response to Pacific's 7-0 run early in second half: "We worked our way through it and we hung in there. It was not a great start to the second half, but you have to get through those stretches. I am happy with the way we got through that and continued to play good defense."

Davey, on winning on the road at Pacific: "We have not had great success coming up here, but I am glad that we came through tonight. It is not an easy place to play but the team did a good job. Of course, I hope that they bounce back because Bob Thomason is a good friend and I wish him success."

Danny Pariseau, on game: "We wanted to come out and have a good game tonight after struggling a bit last weekend against Missouri State. It was a tight game the whole way and we finally got a run going in the second half. Mitch (Henke) hit a couple of three pointers and we got a little breathing room."

Pariseau, on stepping up: "We all knew that Brody (Angley) had been sick this week and might not be able to play. He always plays hard and we knew that we would have to step up and pick it up for him. Everyone really contributed tonight."

Pariseau, on hitting shots: "Everyone stepped up and hit their shots against Pacific. Last week against Missouri State we had some open looks that we did not knock down so the coaches had us work all week on hitting shots under pressure. The coaches did a great job of game planning to get us ready."

Pariseau, on winning against Dick Davey's alma mater: "It feels good getting a win up here for Coach Davey since he went here. We wanted to get a win for him that had a little more sentimental value."