Quotes - Hawai'i at Santa Clara

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Dick Davey, on out-rebounding Hawaii 45-24: "We are a decent rebounding team. We were a plus-6 in rebounding coming into tonight so we expected to rebound well. I didn't think the margin would be that big though. I think it was a case of us really getting after it and getting a little fortunate."

Davey, on second half start: "We shot the ball pretty well during that stretch. It all goes back to making shots. We stepped up well at that time and put the ball in the basket to give us a bit of a lead."

Davey, on centers: "Last game Josh (Higgins) was making a lot shots and so he got some more playing time. And tonight, John (Bryant) started off well and did a good job offensively, but got into a little foul trouble. It is nice to have both of them contributing."

Sean Denison, on game: "It was a very good win for us. They have a team that is well put together. They are tall and they execute really well offensively so they are tough to defend. We came out and played hard and we were able to control the boards and get the win."

Denison, on rebounding: "We take pride in getting more rebounds than our opponents and against Nevada last weekend we didn't do that. We have turned that around in the last two games though."

Brody Angley, on game plan: "The coaches did a very good job of preparing us both defensively and offensively tonight. We went out there with a good game plan and we just had to try and execute it."

Angley, on playing alongside Danny Pariseau: "It has been great because he is the kind of player that makes everyone around him better. It is much easier for me to play when I am feeding off of him."

Angley, looking ahead to road trip: "It is going to be a tough turnaround for us. Hopefully, we can take some confidence from these past two wins with us going into this weekend. We have finals coming up next week also so we will be working hard all the way around."