Quotes - Santa Clara at California

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Head coach Dick Davey, on game: "It was our first game on the road and Cal did a great job defensively and really put us in a bind and slowed our offense. We got off to reasonable start, but all of sudden the roof caved in on us and we were soundly beaten. I believe that our team will get better, but we have to start making some more shots."

Davey, on Cal's late first half run: "They made some shots that got them fired up and then they picked up their defensive intensity. A combination of those two things made it difficult for us."

Sean Denison, on game: "It was a big test for us tonight. We have a number of guys that have not experienced a game like this. This arena is very compact and loud so the atmosphere is tough. We struggled with our offense and we did not do the little things right tonight."

Denison, on rebounding from this game: "We need to play better in practice and execute well. If we improve ourselves in practice, I think that we will come out better in the next game. We are already looking forward to the Nevada game this weekend."

Denison, on his good start to the season: "I am feeling pretty good right now. I worked a lot on my moves around the basket this summer and I feel confident with my shot. Hopefully, I can keep playing well and doing my job to help the team win some games."