Quotes - Holy Names at Santa Clara

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Dick Davey, on game: "Holy Names created a few problems for us but overall we did a decent job. We are still playing a lot of players so it is hard to take a lot from this game. I have been reluctant to set the rotation yet because I wanted to look at a few guys, so it is tough to get any continuity right now."

Davey, on getting the ball to the post: "We need to take advantage of our size this year. We did pretty well tonight getting the ball inside, but we need to make sure that we don't turn it over when we do it. Utah will present a challenge Saturday because they have some players bigger than ours."

Josh Higgins, on first game with Broncos: "It felt great to be out there. Last year was a long year to sit out and watch the whole time. I did my best to get through it, but I am definitely glad to be back out there and contributing."

Higgins, on scoring 10 points: "Whenever I get some points, I have to give credit to our guards for getting me the ball. I was able to get some easy baskets tonight because I was getting the ball in good places."

Mitch Henke, on game: "The game went well. We had some sloppy moments that we need to improve upon but I think that we will do that. Tonight was a good game to work on executing our plays and getting comfortable with each other."

Henke, on offensive rebounding: "We are a really big team this year so getting on the boards is a big emphasis. Getting offensive rebounds extends possessions and keeps them under pressure. Hopefully, we can keep it going against Utah this weekend."