Quotes - Santa Clara at Pepperdine

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Head coach Dick Davey, on game: "Obviously we are very discouraged. I feel badly for the players because they have had such a good year and they had a great chance to win the league. We just didn't get it done tonight. You have to give Pepperdine credit. They played well and did some things to us that they were not able to do last time we played them."

Davey, on end of game situations: "We have surely had chances to win both of the games down here, but we did not do what we needed to do in the heat of the battle at the end. Hopefully that will teach us some lessons for the conference tournament next week."

Davey, looking ahead to conference tournament: "We have to regroup and get focused. The goal is to go up there and win two games and that is what we are going to try to do."

Junior Brody Angley, on game: "We had an opportunity to finish on top of the league and we didn't do it so that is disappointing. Pepperdine played well tonight and they wanted it more at the end. You have to give them credit."

Angley, on winning for coach Davey: "We all wanted to win the league for Coach Davey and we are frustrated that we didn't do it. We have another chance next week in Portland and we have to be ready for that."