Quotes - Santa Clara vs. Pepperdine

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Dick Davey, on game: "I am really proud of our guys tonight. They were really focused on breaking their press and making smart decisions. We handled the press well and defensively we played very well. They are tough to guard because they penetrate a lot and they shoot well from outside. We got some charges and forced them to kick it out a lot."

Davey, on SCU's sets: "Our concept was to get an on-ball screen and get the ball in the post. They do some things that do not allow you to play your usual sets, so we did not run a lot of our regular stuff tonight."

Davey, on shooting: "We shot the ball pretty well and we had the right guys shooting the ball from the outside. Scott (Dougherty) and Joey (Kaempf) got some good looks and they knocked them down. Brody (Angley) did a good job of breaking their press and that got us some open shots."

Davey, on coming back from Saturday's loss: "The team responded to that setback. We have been letting them know that they have to be a little more tough-minded and work a little harder so we avoid losses like that."

Scott Dougherty, on game: "We came out of the gates really hot so that helped us mentally because we have struggled in the first half for the last four or five games. We also took care of the ball and made some good decisions to get an early lead."

Dougherty, on turnovers: "We have not done a great job taking care of the ball this year but tonight I think we were focused and we were able to break their press. We did not have as many turnovers as we usually do and that was against a team that presses a lot."

Dougherty, on hot shooting: "We have been waiting for a game where everyone kind of gets hot at the same time. Saturday was a bit of a wake-up call and guys seemed ready to go tonight."

Joey Kaempf, on start: "We knew that we had to be ready from the start. The coaches told us before the game that we could not afford another slow start and we responded to that.'

Kaempf, looking ahead to Saint Mary's: "That is going to be a big game. That is a tough place to go and play and they get some good crowds up there. We need to practice well this week and be ready for another tough game. We have to go out and play 40 minutes of solid basketball."