Quotes - Santa Clara at San Francisco

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Dick Davey, on the game: "We have had three games in a row where we have struggled in the first half. But we came back with a good second half performance tonight. We started making some shots and were able to stop them from hitting theirs."

Davey, on league's parity: "There is a lot of parity in this league so it is not easy to get out to a big lead. Neither team tonight could get much breathing room. It was similar to the Saint Mary's game a few weeks ago. Every game is going to be tough in this conference. If you can take care of your games at home and win some on the road, you will be alright."

Davey, on Dougherty's shooting: "He has gotten better defensively and he is a better rebounder, but he is really a shooter. We need him to make some shots for us out there and he did that in the second half tonight."

Scott Dougherty, on game: "We had another rough first half, but our defense has been consistent and has kept us in games. We had another strong effort on the defensive end again tonight and that gave us a chance to win tonight."

Dougherty, on two clinching free throws: "It was nice to step up and make a couple. I have not been shooting a great percentage this year, but I know that I am a good free throw shooter. I missed one earlier in the game so I am glad that I could come back to hit them at the end."

Joey Kaempf, on back-to-back 3-pointers in the first half: "Every game I hope to be able to contribute offensively with my shooting. At a minimum I have to make any open shots that I get. Coming off the bench, I just want to provide some extra offense and try and make an impact."

Kaempf, on beating San Diego and San Francisco on the road: "These were two big wins for us especially since we played poorly in the first half of both games. If we can put together two good halves we are going to be tough to beat. These wins also give us confidence going into our two home games next weekend."