Quotes - Santa Clara vs. Portland

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Dick Davey, on game: "Portland came out and executed very well in the first half and we had trouble stopping them. But in the second half we adjusted pretty well and we guarded them a bit more. We got the ball into better spots in the second half and we started hitting some of our shots so that was good to see."

Davey, on halftime adjustments: "We tried to front them a bit more in the second half. In the first half, they did a real nice job of getting the ball inside, but we slowed them down in the second half and made them shoot some outside shots. We were also a little more physical with them down low in the second half."

Scott Dougherty, on game: "We came out a bit flat in the first 12 minutes of the game and we did not have a good first half. They also executed their offense in the first half and got some easy baskets. Coach (Dick) Davey was a bit disappointed at halftime and we recovered to play a pretty good second half. We have to realize that every game in this conference is going to be tough so we can't have slow starts like that."

Dougherty, on team's mindset: "In the second half, we all came out with a better mindset and we were more energetic. We picked up our defense and started making better decisions offensively."

Dougherty, on team: "Hopefully we can learn from this game and keep growing. We have to come ready to play every game if we want to have success in the league this year."