Quotes - Santa Clara vs. Gonzaga

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Dick Davey, on the game: "Sometimes it just boils down to making shots and tonight we had trouble doing that at some points. They played pretty good defense and we also missed some open shots. You have to make shots when the pressure is on and we didn't do it tonight and they did."

Davey, on team's effort and play: "I thought that we worked hard tonight and the guys worked to get open shots. We didn't execute perfectly every time, but overall we did a decent job of running the offense."

Davey, on league play: "Tonight is one out of 14 games in the league. You have to take each game one at a time and when each game is over you have to move on. This is a good league and we have another game Monday against Portland."

Danny Pariseau, on taking shots: "We got enough good looks at the basket tonight but we have to knock them down. Sometimes we were not ready to shoot when we need to be. There were a few times today where I didn't take open shots when I had them and other guys passed up some chances also."

Pariseau, on Gonzaga's inside play: "They are good around the basket. Their coaches do a good job of teaching their big players to bang and score down low. That is part of what makes them such a tough team to play against."

Scott Dougherty, on Broncos' late comeback: "We got it going a little bit at the end and got back into it. It was good to see that we stayed calm even though we got down by 14 with only a few minutes left. The coaches kept telling us to stay focused and we were able to do that. Unfortunately we couldn't come all the way back."

Dougherty, on game: "Sometimes a few shots here and there are the difference when you lose. As coach said after the game, we are eight points worse than them right now. Hopefully when we play them up there in a month we can turn it around."

Dougherty, on his play: "I feel good out there. I have to give credit to Brody (Angley) and Danny (Pariseau) for any success that I have because they know how to find me every time I am open. They make it easy for me and for everyone else on the team."