Santa Clara 77, Bucknell 68

Dec. 29, 2005

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On the game:
"We performed at what I thought was a very high level tonight. We had a little self-inspection last night, and the kids came out and did a real good job."

On the defensive effort:
"We looked pretty darn good. A lot of help involved, Steve Seandel, one of our assistants, had a game plan for how we wanted to play individually within the groupand I thought he did a great job with that."

"They were very physical in there and so we had to do a good job there. No. 5 is a penetrator, we couldn't let him get to the basket, Brody did a great job on defense. Tonight we did a pretty good job of preventing the penetration, so they really caught on to some things."

On preventing the Bison from gaining momentum:
"I thought that different guys stepped up. Obviously Travis [Niesen] is a guy that seems to step up for us almost all the time, but Calvin Johnson tonight made some big baskets for us. This is not a bad team, it's a young team that, the faster we mature I think the better chance we're going to have to have some success this year."


On the game:
"We played very hard, it got away from us a bit in the first half and we got frustrated. We were in foul trouble all night, it would have been nice to have our horses in there without foul trouble. I thought that they had more quickness than we saw last night."

"It was a disappointing loss, we thought we had the better team. Our starters really felt that we were rushed.

On the defense's effort against Chris McNaughton:
"He was definitely the best player on the floor, they just weren't going to let him get the ball. With Chris coming in and out, that's not the way to play."

On Bucknell:
"We'll learn from it, we'll play another day. I have no doubt we'll be ready to play against Duke next."