Santa Clara 81, Loyola Marymount 70

Feb. 25, 2006

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SCU Men's Basketball Coach Dick Davey
"Hopefully we are coming out of what was a really bad stretch for us. Let's face it, shooting percentages in the last couple of games have been indicative of how we have played. We are making a lot more shots now. And, I thought we played very hard defensively. We had a little trouble defending the three in the first half. We did a much better job of defending in the second half.

"I thought this might have been one of Mitch Henke's best games this year. I thought he really played well. Sean Denison is getting better and, more importantly, is getting healthier. He did a nice solid job defensively, particularly since he had a really big load to handle inside."

Junior Forward Mitch Henke:
"The team played really great tonight. We moved the ball well on offense and we did a really good job of recognizing our opportunities and taking advantage of them. They gave us some good looks throughout the game and we took advantage of what was given to us.

"I just go out there and try to play as hard as I can every night. I was slumping a little bit. I realize it is all about effort. I gave a little more effort and success followed.

"(Monday's) last game is like a stepping stone into the tournament. You want to do real well in that last game so you can go into the tournament with a little momentum. Teams that don't win that last game might feel a little bit down. So, it is important for us to get a win and go into the tournament with the confidence that we know we can win it.

"(Monday's game) is obviously really important to Travis (Niesen). He has been our leader all year. It is a big game for him and we are going to try to play as hard as we can and get him a win."

LMU Head Coach Rodney Tention:
"The tougher team won, flat out. We rested on our laurels. We think we are there, but we are not there. The margin of error in this conference from second to eighth is too small to just show upadh think we can win. They wanted it more and we just didn't execute. We can't play this game in spurts. We played three minutes on and took five minutes off and that really hurt us. Our defense was terrible. You are not going to win letting a team shooting 70 percent in a half."