Santa Clara vs. San Diego Post-Game Quotes

Jan. 30, 2006

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Head Coach Dick Davey:

"I thought we battled but our weapons didn't have enough bullets in them. Hopefully we improved. The key for us now is to try to get better before the tournament and focus on all of those details of the game, just little details like covering the backside when Brody penetrates so they don't transition- little things that make a difference in the game that we didn't do a good job of. The competitive nature of the guys was pretty good even though San Diego shot better than us."

(on the loss of Travis Niesen) "That's one guy. You have a lot of other guys you have to play. I think the team was really geared in to fight though it. At least that was my impression. They weren't going to let that get in the way of trying to win the game. You hope for a lot of guys to step up. John (Bryant) is a big guy, a key guy, for us. He tends to get in foul trouble and that doesn't help the situation. He's going to be okay in time. He just needs to get a little better defensively and not get in foul trouble."

Guard Brandon Rohe:

"We just started hitting shots a little bit, playing some `D'. That was our toughest thing was getting stops. Our defense lacked a little but once we got a couple of stops and hit a couple of shots, we looked alright. We looked like we were coming back there."

(on the freshmen) "They are playing well. They just got a lot of learning to do. They have to grow a little bit but they're doing a good job so far."

San Diego Head Coach Brad Holland:

"(Santa Clara) played really hard, very inspired. You could see that they rallied around the loss of Niesen and (Sean) Denison and they kept hanging around."