D-Lew's Musings After WCC's First Week

Jan. 14, 2006

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    Here are a few thoughts as we enter the second week of league play:

  • Last year, after getting three technical fouls in the second half, the Broncos were distraught following their league-opening loss to Gonzaga. In wrapping up my gear after the Gonzaga loss, I noticed a more upbeat vibe around the team than normal. Sam Scuilli says that's by design to not have this young group get too high or too low.

    Check out a new feature from Dave Lewis on Broncos All-Access in his regular "A Minute With D-Lew."

  • Although there are no available scholarships for next year, Tristan Parham hopes to come back which means paying his own way to make it happen. On paper, SCU would probably have the most imposing front line as there is in the league with Tree, John Bryant, Sean Denison and Josh Higgins, the transfer from Western Kentucky.

  • Center Nick Lewis is going to be a handful at USD. He's skilled enough to step outside and shoot it but has enough game to make things happen around the basket. Tristan Parham would have been very handy in this one. I expect Sean Denison to get a lot of minutes on him.

  • The Gonzaga radio announcer, Tom Hudson believes Adam Morrison is fully aware is mustache doesn't work (think Ron Jeremy) and that he doesn't care. He wants to be a target so he can rise to the challenge and rub the fans' noses in it. Cold blooded.

  • Doron Perkins is scoring 20 points a game in Japan and leading the league in assists and steals. He spends his time away from the court with former UCLA star Charles O'Bannon.

  • While Travis Niesen has been the most valuable Bronco, he'll tell you Brody Angley is the most indispensable player on the roster. He's tops in assist/turnover ratio and 2nd in the league in assists to Suratt of USF. Notice who has the ball when the shot clock is winding down.

  • Portland has too many skilled perimeter players to be also-rans. The Pilots will be a factor and have a legitimate chance to finish in the top 3.

  • The 3-11 non-conference record of LMU is deceiving. The Lions have five losses by a total of 11 points and are now 2-0 in league for the first time since Gathers and Kimble in '89-'90. Rodney Tention didn't inherit an empty cupboard and Matthew Knight is an animal.

  • Saint Mary's 0-2 at home. Awwwwwwwwwwwww!

  • I don't know if John Bryant realizes how good he can be in this game. He has the best hands of any SCU big man I've seen in 11 years and is most significant presence inside since Ron Reis. Big John has much better touch and the fans love him. Only his ovation at the Cable Car Classic trophy ceremony rivaled that of MVP Niesen.

  • While Bryant and Calvin Johnson are making a major impact, the league's top freshman statistically is Michael Gerrity of Pepperdine. He's scoring 16 a game and leads the league in steals.

  • Brandon Rohe is starting to come around. Even if his back was 100%, he still missed 37 games and it takes awhile to shed the rust. There's no reason he can't at or near double figures every game and his presence can negate any zone defense.

  • Did I mention Saint Mary's is 0-2 at home?