Bronco Talk: One-on-One With Ethan Rohde

Bronco Talk: One-on-One With Ethan Rohde

Nov. 8, 2002

By Josh Griffin
Ethan Rohde is a walk-on member of the men's basketball team. Last season, he led the team in three-point field goal percentage, while making nearly half of his threes. He took a few minutes to talk with TSC Sports Editor Josh Griffin about being a walk-on, his days on Campisi 2 and his basketball heroes.

JG: What kinds of things have you had to go through as a walk-on?
ER: It has been really hard because you don't really know if you are wanted on the team. You definitely have to work harder to earn your minutes. It was also tough mentally on me, because I don't have a scholarship. To be honest, it can be kind of embarassing. I lost out on scholarship offers because I broke my elbow in my junior summer. The summer is where you earn your money.

JG: You seem to be working it out pretty well.
ER: It's worked out for the better. I've really grown to love playing basketball through working harder at it. In high school, it was a lot easier. But everyone in college can play, so you have to put in the time.

JG: What goals do you have for the season?
ER: As far as myself, I don't know. I don't really set goals for myself. I know what I want to do in the back of my mind, but I keep that to myself.

JG: How about team goals?
ER: I think we have some real talent on this team. We really have a legitimate chance to surprise a lot of teams. We'll be able to score lots of points. The ultimate goal of course is to make the tournament, but we're going to have to get through Gonzaga and Pepperdine.

JG: Who do you pattern your game after most?
ER: [Former Bronco] Darrell Teat says I play like Mike Miller. He's a white guy that can shoot, kind of like me. The player I've always looked up to most, even though he's been kind of down lately, is Bobby Sura. I always liked him because he's a white boy that throws down dunks on people. He's only struggling because of injuries.

JG: What team in the NBA do you follow the most?
ER: I've gotta go with the hometown SuperSonics, even though they're struggling too lately.

JG: What's your best memory from your days on C-Deuce?
ER: Ah man, it's gotta be playing cards with all you guys. It helped me get away from the homework and other things.

JG: Is anyone at Santa Clara going to get to see the long hair?
ER: This December, at the end of December, I'm going to start growing it back. I had to cut it off at the start of the season, but if I start growing it in December, it won't be too long for basketball.

JG: Were you disappointed to cut the hair off?
ER: I was going to cut it anyway, but I didn't really want to cut the California long hair. My friends at home were saying I looked like I was in Oasis or like an Abercrombie model.

JG: You played pretty well in the intersquad scrimmage. How did you feel about your performance?
ER: I played pretty well. It's easy playing with guys like Kyle [Bailey] and Bak [Bakari Altheimer]. My man always has to double and help on those guys, so I get a lot of open shots. If you put in the time, you'll make the open shots.

JG: So, you're down two with a few seconds remaining in the WCC Championship game against Gonzaga - what is your perfect play to win?
ER: The perfect play would be a tip in dunk, but my hops aren't what they used to be in high school. At this stage of my career, I'll come off a screen to make a fade away three to win at the buzzer.