Above the Rim With Steve Nash

Oct. 22, 2002

By Eddie Sefko
The Dallas Morning News

Question: You recently did an interview with GQ magazine, and the issue you're in is on newsstands now. What were they interested in?

Answer: They wanted to know what I like to wear and why I wear what I wear. They didn't want to know anything about basketball.

Question: OK, what do you like to wear and why?

Answer: I'm very casual, ultra-casual. Comfort is a big part of my expression with what I wear. I think everybody should wear what they feel most comfortable in. Whether it's a suit or blue jeans and a T-shirt, it'll look better if you're comfortable in it.

Question: You have an endorsement contract with Nike. Does that include more than just shoes?

Answer: It's footwear, apparel and even eyewear. I like their sweats and I'll wear those a lot. But I wear the sneakers just about every day.

Question: So basically, you've become a fashion mogul for dressing in jeans and tennis shoes?

Answer: Yeah, I guess. I think the reason why it gets so much attention is because I dress different than my teammates and a lot of other athletes. Plus, I like to stay in tune with different fashions. Other than that, I don't know why they take an interest in it.