EYEBRONCO: Bronco Baseball Checks In

May 23, 2014

Before every practice and every game, Santa Clara baseball lines up on the outfield foul line and "checks in." Take a look at the Broncos checking in before their second game of the 2014 West Coast Conference Baseball Championship in this EYEBRONCO video. "The idea is for you to get yourself ready to have a championship practice. It's easy to say and really hard to do. For us, a championship practice is every ground ball you take is with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth inning with two outs, every swing you take on the field is with the bases loaded down by two, every fly ball has that same intensity to it. As far as checking in — to do that you have to clear your head of all the stressers in your life ... and you essentially don't leave the foul line and run to center field until you're ready to have a championship practice." — Head Coach Dan O'Brien, November 2013