Parking Advisory for Weekend Baseball and Softball

Parking Advisory for Saturday May 4th

In anticipation of the San Jose Earthquakes home soccer game on campus on Saturday, May 4 at 1pm, the Santa Clara Athletic department is announcing changes to parking locations for Saturday.

Softball vs. San Diego - 12 pm and 2 pm  

Softball fans will also be allowed to park in the B spots in the Casa or Cowell lots up Accolti road past the softball field.  When you reach campus parking will be enforced for the Earthquakes, but if you continue past the tennis courts you can park in B spots in those parking lots. Softball fans will also be allowed to park in the Benson lot which is located on the corner of Market St. and the Alameda.  Fans can also park in the Schott Stadium lot off Campbell Ave, behind the batting cages in left field. You can access the lot behind Schott Stadium by turning onto Campbell Ave at the intersection of Accolti Way and El Camino Real. Continue down Campbell Ave and turn right into the lot.

Baseball vs. Gonzaga at 3 pm

Fans coming to Baseball game at 3 p.m. are asked to park in the Schott Stadium parking lot.  As noted above, this lot is located on Campbell Ave. beyond the stadium. Once you get past the field and batting cages turn right into the lot. 

Why are we not able to park in the structure and the Leavey lot?

Due to contractual obligations with the Earthquakes, the Leavey lot and the Parking Structure will be controlled by the Earthquakes starting at 10 am on Saturday morning.  You will be cited and/or towed by Earthquakes personnel if you park your car in one of these lots before 10 a.m. and leave it there past that time.

If you follow these parking tips you will be able to park on campus the entire day and make your visit to campus much more enjoyable and stress free.

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