Bronco Cross Runs in San Francisco, Portland

Kayla Germany
Kayla Germany

Gator Invitational Results

WCC Preview Men's Results

Running in two meets this weekend in San Francisco and Portland, the Broncos continued to show promise as they ran at the Gator Invitational in San Francisco on Friday and the WCC Preview in Portland on Saturday. 

At the Gator Invitational Santa Clara's men were third and the women were fifth.  San Francisco State won the men's race and Sac State won the women's race. 

Allison Maio was the first Bronco scorer, finishing in 10th place at 22:44.  Jamie Anderson was 18th at 23:12 and Camille Dyer was 26th at 23:49.  Elsa Valenzuela was the fourth scorer, finishing in 40th place at 24:25.  Lauren Spears was 46th at 24:41, rounding out the Bronco scoring.

"I was also really impressed with our squad that ran at SF State. Allison Maio and Jamie Anderson in particular showed that they can be in scorers for us," said Bronco cross country coach Felipe Montoro.

Alexi Taylor lead the men's side by finishing 13th in 26:39; Ryan Greenough was 16th at 26:48; Matt Mosier was 26th, running third for the Broncos at 27:22; Adrian Hinojosa was 32nd at 27:30 and Leland Wong rounded out the scoring in 35th place at 27:35.

"Just like the women's squad that ran at the Gator Invite, the men ran well. Freshman Alexi Taylor and Ryan Greenough ran great," said Montoro. 

At the WCC Preview, Santa Clara's men were sixth and the women were fourth.  Portland won the men's side and Gonzaga won the women's side.

Mary Kreige led the Bronco women, finishing in 14th place at 21:55.44.  Kayla Germany finished 25th in 22:22.31.  Lauren Germany was 34th in 22:38.78.  Hayley Ney finished fourth for the Broncos in 38th place at 22:45.84.  Mary Reynolds rounded out the scoring for the Broncos, finishing in 42nd place at 22:50.87. 

Montoro thought the women ran really well at the WCC Preview.  "They had a great pack and ran really tough. Mary Kriege ran great, she will be a force this post season. Top to bottom, we ran well. Kayla Germany also stood out."

Kevin Oliver was the Broncos' first scorer, finishing in 20th place at 23:55.02.  Luca Signore was 44th at 24:37.34.  Bryan Crook was 46th at 24:41.34.  Sean Roe finishing in fourth place for SCU, finishing 58th, at 25:15.90.  Rounding out the Bronco scorers was Sam Holeman, finishing 60th, at 25:21.00. 

"The men's team produced mixed results at the WCC Preview," said Montoro.   "There were individual bright spots for sure.  Kevin Oliver and Bryan Crook had excellent races. However, overall I was disappointed in our effort. Collectively we are tired, but I still thought we could have run better.  I am looking forward to seeing how the team responds at Stanford in two weeks when we are a little sharper and a little more rested."

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