Chris Mosier: Running Associated Students Senate and the Cross Country Course

Bronco Junior Chris Mosier is an emotional leader on the Bronco cross country team, a Gold Status Honor Roll Recipient and the Chair of the Student Senate. Meet Chris Mosier below.

What is it that drew you to running, and what motivates you to keep lacing up your shoes?

I first began running competitively in high school. During my prior years as a soccer athlete, I recognized my endurance as one of my strong points. My friends, coaches and family discussed my potential as a long distance runner. The rest is history. I joined the high school squad as an alternative to soccer; soon enough, running became my primary athletic focus. Running is a challenge; it is that challenge that motivates me to keep lacing up my shoes. I do enjoy running. I thoroughly enjoy an early morning run through a mist-covered trail deep in the woods; but it is the challenge of running that keeps me running competitively. When the going gets tough, I get running.

How do you successfully balance academics, your commitments as the Chair of the Associated Student Senate and your responsibilities as a member of the cross country team?

Time Management. This includes time for myself, time to relax and take a step back from all my activities. I am overwhelmed at times, but I always keep my priorities straights. My family, health and friendships come first. Enjoy the experiences. As stressful as classes may be, as bad a race may have gone, or as overwhelming as managing Senate maybe, I always remember to enjoy myself. Each of these experiences are opportunities for me to grow as an individual. I figure I might as well have fun doing it, after all, I am in college. I choose my majors because I enjoy the subjects. I run because I love the challenge. I am involved in Senate because I enjoy working with people who are as passionate about Santa Clara as I am.

What is your favorite part about being a Bronco student-athlete?

The Team. As an athlete, I am around the same group of individuals almost seven days a week. We push each other during a workout, work together during races and enjoy meals together after our runs. It is through these experiences that I have formed friendships that will last a lifetime. Also, I am very honored and privileged to represent Santa Clara in a race. In putting on a Santa Clara uniform, I can show my commitment and dedication to the university that has bestowed upon me so many opportunities.

Do you listen to music while you run? If you do what's on your playlist and why?

I listen to music when I train individually. I prefer training mostly with my teammates or friends. However, when I do find myself alone on a run, I usually listen to music. My music usually depends on the type of run. If I have a recovery run, I'll listen to anything from Journey to Coldplay. However, if I have a tempo run or workout, the beat of the music increases. I'll listen to anything from Eminem to Eric Prydz's "Call On Me". Sometimes however, I prefer to listen to the sound of nature on a secluded trail.

Finish this sentence: Chris Mosier is ... proud to be a Bronco!

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