Distance Crew Competes at Johnny Mathis Invitational

Distance Crew Competes at Johnny Mathis Invitational

April 7, 2003

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    By John Maloney

    The Mission Harriers returned from San Francisco State with mixed results after competing at the Johnny Mathis Invitational. Seven women lined up for the 5000 meters with five coming back with PR's. The men had a disappointing showing in the middle distances and a better showing at 5000 meters.

    The women started strongly with Robin Bell and Milena Basile forming a pack with Michelle Solone of UC Davis. They fell behind Kati Gosnel of Humboldt and Shelly Pierson in the first kilometer, but kept the gap constant after the second kilometer. They closed strongly in the last 500 meters with Robin's furious kick leaving Milena but not quite overtaking UC Davis' Solone. Katie Hansen battled Humboldt's Kelly Cronin and Katherine Stephenson throughout. Both Humboldt runners surged often as Katie's position fluctuated each lap among their pack. Katie eventually pulled in front of her pack with 1500 meters left and finished strongly with a 15 second PR. Cara Payne took out a strong pace but came back to struggle in her finish. Tara Rooney ran strongly in catching Cara in the last kilometer and hit a :33 second PR. Julianne Visbal ran consistently in setting her PR and Monica Tomisch competed in her first collegiate track meet.

    The men started with Ricky Brackett in the 1500 meters with an aggressive start that took its toll as he fell back in the back. He eventually lost contact in his heat and eased home. John Hinman and Bryan Lorentz ran in the same heat with John leading from the start. Bryan struggled with the quick early pace and was not able to respond to the changing paces. John slowed in the second lap in leading the field and picked up the pace in the third lap while fighting for the lead. He eventually was passed on the turn with over 300 meters left and finished strongly to hold his place. In 800 meters, fatigue was very apparent as both Ricky and Bryan raced in their heats without a strong finish. In the 5000 meters, John Paul Thyken raced in the fast heat and stuck on the tail of SCU alum Michael Helms. Mike struggled in the third mile, but had pulled JP to a fast pace and JP struggled also in the last mile. Chris Doerhoff and Pat Green led Kevin Edwards in the second heat of 5000 meters. Chris and Pat lead the pack through 2 kilometers before the pace struggled and positions were changing each lap. At the last kilometer, both Broncos moved well to come back with a strong finish. Kevin remained consistent in his race and improved 18 seconds from his first meet of the season.

    The Mission Harriers will race again in two weeks. The women will venture to Pomona Pitzer and the men will race at UC Davis.

    Women's 5000 meters
    5 Robin Bell Santa Clara 17:54.15
    6 Milena Basile Santa Clara 17:56.97
    7 Katie Hansen Santa Clara 18:11.42
    17 Tara Rooney Santa Clara 19:34.41
    18 Cara Payne Santa Clara 19:50.41
    22 Julianne Visbal Santa Clara 21:34.97
    23 Monica Tomich Santa Clara NT

    Men's 800 meters
    39 Bryan Lorentz Santa Clara 2:07.34
    43 Ricky Brackett Santa Clara 2:10.26

    Men's 1500 meters
    17 John Hinman Santa Clara 4:10.53
    19 Ricky Brackett Santa Clara 4:11.50
    24 Bryan Lorentz Santa Clara 4:20.48

    Men's 1500 meters
    24 John Paul Thyken Santa Clara 15:36.42
    28 Chris Doerhoff Santa Clara 15:47.47
    31 Pat Green Santa Clara 15:50.30
    39 Kevin Edwards Santa Clara 16:21.14