Cross Country/Track & Field

Broncos Name Seven to WCC All-Academic Teams

Dec. 18, 2001

SAN BRUNO, Calif. - The 2001 West Coast Conference Fall All-Academic teams honor some of the league's finest examples of the consummate scholar-athlete. At the completion of each athletic season, the WCC selects an all-academic squad for each of the participating sponsored sports. To be considered, a student-athlete must earn at least a 3.20 cumulative grade point average while also being a significant contributor to his or her team.

This past summer in the latest NCAA Graduation Rate Report of student-athletes, the West Coast Conference ranked fifth in overall student-athlete Graduation Rate. The WCC boasts a 69.5 percent student athlete-graduation rate, which is the highest of any Division I conference west of the Mississippi.


Mark Bridenstine GON Sr. 3.77
Sam Burch GON So. 3.72
Warren Sutton LMU Jr. 3.36
Dave Cameron PEP So. 3.46
Tom McMahon PEP Sr. 3.46
Chad Killian POR Jr. 3.95
Steve Schaefer POR So. 3.38
Steve Trudelle USD So. 3.41
Ritchie Jong USF Sr. 3.29
Benjamin GauenSCU So. 3.62


Carrie Gibson GON So. 3.83
Edit Pakay LMU Jr. 3.20
Laura Beam PEP Sr. 3.40
Monica Keyes PEP So. 3.60
Jessica Newton POR Jr. 3.37
Allegra Porter SMC So. 3.42
Kim Croswell USD So. 3.23
Laura Danner-Biard USF Sr. 3.36
Marcia Cole USF Jr. 3.87
Milena Basile SCU So. 3.75


Claire Whitfield GON Jr. 3.71
Allison Marra LMU Sr. 3.71
Amanda Shellenberger LMU Sr. 3.83
Susan Palmer PEP Jr. 3.24
Imani Dorsey POR So. 3.84
Emily Patterson POR Jr. 3.62
Lindsay Smart POR Sr. 3.77
Jennifer Belzer SMC So. 3.66
Shauna Rech SMC So. 3.58
Aly Wagner SCU Jr. 3.60
Danielle Slaton SCU Sr. 3.71


Natasha Kozen GON So. 3.27
Laura Gustorf LMU Jr. 3.72
Paola Rodriguez PEP Jr. 3.67
Stacy Rowenhorst PEP Jr. 3.53
Anna Abatzoglou POR Jr. 3.23
Rebecca Wood SMC So. 3.63
Teresa Russell USF Jr. 3.52
Amanda Willnerd USF Sr. 3.37
Becky Potter SCU So. 3.35
Chrissy Hirsch SCU Jr. 3.43


Connor Quinn GON Jr. 3.72
Zach Scott GON Sr. 3.29
Jeff Kovar LMU Sr. 3.85
Nate Jaqua POR So. 3.23
Isacc Vandenburg POR Sr. 3.27
Alex Avina SMC Sr. 3.80
Tyler Conley USD Jr. 3.82
Kellen Hirito USD So. 3.47
Josh Hansen USF So. 3.27
Gerard Hylkema USF Sr. 3.35
Rusty Johnson SCU Sr. 3.66