Cross Country/Track & Field

Spreading the Love

Oct. 9, 2001

By Bruce Martinez, Sports Editor, The Santa Clara

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Being a varsity athlete at a Division-I school is a big time commitment. Running a student organization is an even larger commitment. Doing both at the same time is uncharted territory, and almost never happens. But walking among us is someone who actually manages to pull it off.

Junior Kristin Love is a varsity top seven cross country runner and is also the director of one of the largest Chartered Student Organizations, SCCAP.

"Being SCCAP director and running cross country can be ridiculously demanding," Love said. "I really have to prioritize and make the best use of my time and I always have to be aware of what is going on and what has to come first. I also have to find time for myself just for hanging out and relaxing."

Love's position in SCCAP is a full time requirement in itself. It is all about coordinating programs, reaching out to the Santa Clara community, and spreading good will and SCCAP love. Even while working with varied program directors and spearheading many initiatives, Love's first desire is working with children.

"I love working with kids, especially the ones that could be passed over, the ones in the middle and just slightly below, they often times don't get much attention and they need attention and love and someone showing them all the opportunities that are available to them," Love said.

In her running career Love has finished in the top seven on the girls team each of her first two years, and if her top seven performance at this weekend's Big Cross invitational is any evidence, she will again finish as a varsity runner.

"The girls on my team are great, I love working with them and I love to run. It is such a good use of energy and is also a great source of energy. When you run ten miles you have a lot of time to think and to process things, and to get rid of frustration," Love said.

In order to stay on top of both her unique jobs Love often has to put in 12-14 hour days, she is in her office by 8 a.m. to get work done before class, and is often in a SCCAP meeting well into the evening. Sandwiched between this is class and daily practice, and very little time to slow the pace down and reflect on all that may be in her hectic life.

"Lunch everyday is a great time for me, I get to eat, visit with my roommates, relax for just awhile and then get going on the rest of my day," Love said.

Her devotion to community service causes began in Portland while in high school. Love was involved with community service and came to Santa Clara partially because of the school's involvement with social justice and the resources they commit to it.

"I was just walking through Benson one day and wandered into SCCAP, I ended up being volunteer of the year that year, that is when I met Molly Thorburn, she was the director at the time, and she was a great inspiration to me," Love said.

"She said that I should be the director my junior or senior year, and I decided to work hard at learning all that it would take to do the job and it ended up working out for me."