Cross Country/Track & Field

Bronco Express

May 9, 2002

The Mission Harriers hit made a noticeable impact in the 5000 meters at the Nick Carter Invite hosted by UCSB. Stephen Moore hit a PR in the 800 by almost two seconds and both teams finished the season with solid races in the 4X400 meters.

The women hit the track first and benefited from a solo effort of UCSB's Tamar Gamliel. At 2000 meters, she left Milena and Robin behind after they did the pace work early. By 3000 meters, she had an eight second lead over Robin while Milena began fading from Robin. Tamar was pushing for a sub 18 and began to fall off pace. Robin began her sustained push and reeled within two seconds of Tamar with 600 meters left. Robin cranked a sub 2 minute last 600 and passed Tamar with 80 meters left to pull out her first collegiate victory. Milena held her position in the field and ran the last half of the race by herself, holding strong to her pace. Katie Hansen led Chrissie Moreno with the company of the other four runners in the race. Chrissie slowed at the mile and quickly fell off the pace from the field. Katie hung with Marissa Madsen of UCSB and Ryan Mayfield of CSU Bakersfield the rest of the way. Katie nailed a PR by over a minute from her Stanislaus time. Chrissie got back her composure as Diana Quinones of UCSB faded back and was swallowed up by Chrissie who strongly charged the last kilometer to hit a sub 20 effort.

Kasey Shemwell ran the mile with Robin Bell, a late addition for pace work. Kasey did the pace work instead as she blazed an opening 74 with Robin trailing, unable to lead. Robin gallantly chased down Kasey at 700 meters, but Kasey hit the wall after a 2:35 800 and Robin guided her home.

The 5000 meter crew then took the baton around the oval four times as a farewell to the track for a great season.

The men took one last shot at breaking 5 minutes in the 5000. The field was stacked with rabbits to get under 15 minutes. After the halfway mark, the rabbits relinquished the lead and Thomas Chapman eventually took over the pacework for the field, but suffered through a slowing third kilometer. Mike Helms and Ben Gauen were in the pack that Thomas began thinning out with his efforts. In the last kilometer, David Monico of UCSB took over from Thomas, but in a repeat from the previous week from Chico, Thomas came back in a blazing final 200 with Mike Helms closing fast on his shoulder as the tandem took second and third place. Ben Gauen hung strongly with the pack and narrowly missed his PR, taking seventh. The Broncos impressed with the top two finishes in the pack as seven runners finished within seven seconds of each other. Dominic Ricci led out Chris Spicer and Michael Richmond on a breakneck first mile. With no one to work with, Dominic pressed on eventually dropping Chris. Chris was coming back to Mike who hit the wall hard and lost 40 seconds to Chris in the last 800 meters. Chris hung strongly and Dominic held on from the fast start to set a PR. The trio of Michael Neumann, Dominick Guidera, and Toby Lopez also pushed out fast early. Toby couldn't hang after the half way mark and fell off their pace. Neumann began gapping Guidera and headed to the finish strongly in setting a PR. Dominick held form and came across the line with a PR also. The mile had Chapman and Helms doubling back with Kevin Edwards in the rarely contested race. Kevin, after racing four weekends in a row of 5000 meters, gallantly tried to hold a faster pace in the shorter race. Kevin came through 600 meters and held form the rest of the way. Thomas and Mike were laboring against fresher runners but held on to finish strongly again in the last 200 meters.

In the 800 meters, Ricky Brackett led out Stephen Moore and Michael Wall as the field had over two seconds on them at 200 meters. Rabbits began jumping out to thin the field in its quest to get Ron DiMagio under 1:50, and Stephen took off after 300 meters to lead Ricky and Michael though the first lap. Stephen went back and forth against Patrick Longhini while being narrowly edged at the finish for third place. Ricky lost contact with Stephen, but finished well in breaking two minutes. Michael finished just off two minutes while trailing Ricky.

Michael rebounded very well as he blasted a great leg in the 4X400 meters in the last race of the day. Replacing Mike Helms with Michael Neumann from their Stanislaus quartet, the Broncos were just one second off their season best time.

Men's Results

800 meters
Stephen Moore 		1:57.62
Ricky Brackett		1:59.92
Michael Wall		2:01.66

Mile Thomas Chapman 4:29.83 Michael Helms (una) 4:35.01 Kevin Edwards 4:44.73

5000 meters Thomas Chapman 15:06.69 Michael Helms (una) 15:07.73 Ben Gauen 15:13.14 Dominic Ricci 16:11.08 Chris Spicer 16:27.78 Michael Richmond 17:07.59 Michael Neumann 17:17.81 Dominick Guidera 17:27.56 Toby Lopez 18:06.62

4X400 3:40.2 (Neumann 56.7, Moore 55.1, Wall 54.3, Brackett 54.1)

Women's Results

Kasey Shemwell		6:06.22
Robin Bell		6:06.46

5000 meters Robin Bell 18:06.5 Milena Basile 18:41.7 Katie Hansen 19:08.4 Chrissie Moreno 19:47.3

4X400 4:40.06 (Hansen 66.7, Basile 72.2, Moreno 71.8, Bell 69.3)