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Bronco Cross Country Runner Elected Student Body President

April 25, 2002

By Nate Swinton
Ass't News Editor, The Santa Clara

Excited isn't a strong enough word to describe how junior Kristin Love reacted when she heard she was elected the new student body president.

"I screamed," Love said of when she heard the news.

Students elected Love and her running-mate sophomore Craig Corica as Associated Student president and vice president Wednesday.

Love and Corica garnered 47 percent of the 1096 total votes, with juniors Emily Moody and Cearull Horgon coming in a distant second with 22 percent.

The two said they were surprised by the margin of victory.

"With four qualified candidates running, I was surprised it didn't come down to a run-off," Corica said.

The winning candidates must earn 50 percent of the student vote plus one vote to earn an outright victory or defeat the second highest candidates by more than 20 percent.

The pair ran on a ticket similar to that of other candidates, focusing on student rights for students living off campus, developing the on-campus social environment and improving the relationship between students and the Santa Clara Police Department.

They said their efforts to speak to as many student organizations as possible made the difference for them in the election.

"We did everything and anything we could here to campaign," Corica said. "I think the fact that we took time out to personally campaign was key."

Corica added that they made an extra effort to reach as many freshmen voters as possible.

Love is currently the director of the Santa Clara Community Action Program and is a former varsity cross-country runner. The economics and marketing major is from Portland, Ore. Love ran for AS vice president her freshman year.

Corica is the president of the Resident Hall Association (RHA) and is a Peer Judicial Board Member. He is an undeclared business major from nearby Alameda, Calif.

The two met at a school Sept. 11 benefit concert last fall, where they were representing SCCAP and RHA, respectively. Love later asked Corica to be her running-mate.

Almost one-fourth of the student body voted Wednesday, a figure consistent with past years.

Several class positions have yet to be filled. The junior class still needs a class president, vice-president and treasurer. The senior class has an opening for class treasurer.

Those interested in filling the vacant spots can apply through the AS office. The newly elected officers will interview applicants.

As for Love and Corica, while they're eager to begin their duties as president and vice president, they're also ready to take a break after campaigning for over a month.

"We put our heart and soul into our campaign," Corica said.

Added Love, "I'm ready to go back to doing my homework."