Cross Country/Track & Field

Bronco Express

April 16, 2002

The Mission Harriers came back happy from a warm and sunny day at the Warrior Invitational hosted by Cal State Stanislaus. The Broncos ventured to new events for the athletes and came away with some unexpected fast times.

The 5000 meters was the first running event of the day with the sun directly overhead and beating down. Katie Hansen was the sole Bronco and led the race for 4700 meters as the heat slowed her pace. Adela Flores of Bakersfield College sprinted by Katie with 300 left after sitting on Katie and refusing to lead when offered. Dominic Ricci led the Bronco men as he ran solidly despite the heat. Kevin Edwards suffered the most and Chris Spicer felt the effects as both wilted and ran much slower than the week before. Michael Neumann rounded out the Bronco entries with his first race of the season. Dominic ran smoothly and held an eight second gap with the lead pack until the final 400 and saw the leaders pull away.

The 1500m brought a surprise from Robin Bell as she came from the back of the large chase group and put herself to the front of it at the end. From the final 800 meters, Robin passed nine athletes to narrowly miss breaking five minutes. Milena Basile ran with Robin for the first half and then did not challenge the last half and hung in with the chase pack in setting a PR. The men were led by Ricky Brackett and Mike Helms. Both challenged the pacing efforts and pushed into the lead pack through 800 meters. Ricky pushed hard as he took the lead with just under 500 meters to go and Mike fell off slightly. Thomas Chapman hung back in the fast moving pack and finished strongly in getting a three second PR. Mike faded in the last 200 meters and could not stay with a surging Chapman. Ricky also faded in the last lap and could not handle the sub 6 last lap efforts of the three runners who passed him. Ben Gauen led the second heat from start to finish in setting a PR also. Ben had a five second gap at the 800 mark and struggled to maintain his early pace without company. Dominick Guidera got out fast and fell back with each lap but finished well.

800 meters brought out another surprise from Robin as she pulled out another big PR in her second race of the day. Once more, Robin moved through the field in the second heat after running with Milena through the first 300 meters. Robin moved up to third position and fought stride for stride to the finish with Andrea Woodcock of Sonoma State before being edged out at the finish. Milena remained strong in running with the fast pack and hung on to the back. Stephen Moore led his heat from the start and came through 400 in 57 flat. After slowing to get to 600, Stephen still led before succumbing over the final 50, but holding form to break two minutes. Michael Wall took the lead in his heat after 400 meters and pushed hard in the third 200 to open a gap. His time at 600 was within a second of Stephen's, but fatigue took over Mike and the field. The pace slowed, but Tim Helms, Mike Helm's younger brother, running for Horsecow Club of UC Davis overtook Mike Wall with 40 meters left. The Broncos loudly mooed Helms as took an infield victory lap with his Horsecow flag. Both Stephen and Mike hit PR's by a large margin from their Mathis times.

The women's 3000 was run in the hottest part of the meet and it took its toll. Kasey Shemwell wilted after the halfway point, but still improved her time from a team time trial run in the first week in March. Chrissie Moreno ran consistently and began picking up places in the last half before finishing with a huge PR. The men's team of Stephen Moore, Mike Helms, Mike Wall, and Ricky Brackett dusted of the relay baton and ran a surprisingly fast effort. Stephen led off and held even with Modesto JC, but Modesto flew in their second leg leaving the Broncos triling. Mike Wall overtook Stanislaus B team in his leg and Ricky Brackett finishing with the fastest leg on the team, held off Stanislaus as they pulled even with 100 meters left.

Men's Results
4X400 Meters
5 3:39.22 (Stephen Moore 56.9, Mike Helms 54.7, Mike Wall, 54.5, Ricky Brackett, 53.1)

800 Meters
6 1:59.58 Stephen Moore 12 2:02.36 Michael Wall

1500 Meters
4 4:01.5 Ricky Brackett 5 4:02.8 Thomas Chapman 6 4:03.9 Michael Helms 10 4:10.04 Ben Gauen 20 4:45.48 Dominick Guidera

5000 meters
3 16:33.48 Dominic Ricci 4 16:55.49 Kevin Edwards 5 16:56.41 Chris Spicer 6 17:47.06 Michael Neumann

Women's Results 800 meters
10 2:28.38 Robin Bell 19 2:36.00 Milena Basile

1500 meters
4 5:00.01 Robin Bell 13 5:08.48 Milena Basile

3000 meters
5 11:17.52 Chrissie Moreno 8 12:05.98 Kasey Shemwell

5000 meters
2 20:13.22 Katie Hansen