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Bronco Express

Bronco Express

April 9, 2002

The Mission Harriers returned from the Johnny Mathis Invitational at San Francisco State with a multitude of personal records. Dominic Ricci started the day running solo in the 10,000 meters. Dominic ran consistent splits before tiring in the fifth mile. He held strongly over the last two thousand meters to finish 31 seconds under his goal.

Katie Hansen led her teammates Chrissie Moreno and Kasey Shemwell in the 1500 meters. Katie and Kasey pushed hard with Chrissie holding back. Chrissie moved past Kasey with 500 meters to go and all three hit their target times.

Stephen Moore and Michael Wall were the men's entries for the 1500 and both ran well. Bogged down in a large field, both started three seconds behind their goal pace and then held form to the finish. Next, these two doubled back in the 800 meters. Running in separate heats, they were able to establish a faster pace without the crowded conditions and easily surpassed their goal times.

The 5000 meters brought out the best of the squad. Milena Basile and Robin Bell literally traded side by side positions in clicking off sub 90 laps. With one thousand left, Robin faded slightly with Milena carrying the pace to the finish. Both easily broke their goal times in setting PR's.

Lastly, the men were split into two heats of the 5000. Mike Helms and Thomas Chapman represented the Broncos in the first heat. Both got caught in a box in the first kilometer that was holding them back. Mike responded to catch on to the trailing edge of a chase pack. Thomas stayed in the pack for another 500 meters before getting out front, but was trailing Mike by six seconds with a mile completed. Thomas gamely crossed the no man's land to Mike where both ran even with each other the rest of the way. Slightly off goal pace, both pushed hard in the last kilometer and finished with great speed.

The second heat saw Ricky Brackett, Benjamin Gauen, Kevin Edwards, Chris Spicer, Dominick Guidera, and Toby Lopez compete. Ricky led from start to finish with Gauen running with him until the final half kilometer. Kevin Edwards held pace extremely well in his first track race. Chris Spicer ran a very strong last half and demoralized many competitors with his strong last two kilometers. Dominick led Toby by over 10 seconds at the mile before falling back to Toby where they ran the last mile together. Toby faded in the last lap with Dominick crossing the line first. The top five Broncos all set PR's in breaking 16 minutes.

Next up for the Mission Harrier is the Stanislaus Invite on April 13

Men's Results
21 Stephen Moore                Santa Clara University    2:01.04
24 Michael Wall                 Santa Clara University    2:05.00

1500m 20 Stephen Moore Santa Clara University 4:15.23 25 Michael Wall Santa Clara University 4:20.22

5000m 10 Thomas Chapman Santa Clara University 15:01.49 11 Michael Helms Santa Clara University 15:02.19 14 Ricky Brackett Santa Clara University 15:09.59 16 Benjamin Gauen Santa Clara University 15:12.33 30 Kevin Edwards Santa Clara University 15:59.61 39 Chris Spicer Santa Clara University 16:30.99 47 Dominick Guidera Santa Clara University 17:54.56 48 Tobias Lopez Santa Clara University 17:57.47

10,000m 3 Dominic Ricci Santa Clara University 34:28.97

Women's Results

1500m 21 Katie Hansen Santa Clara University 5:19.71 24 Chrissie Moreno Santa Clara University 5:25.62 25 Kasey Shemwell Santa Clara University 5:28.29

5000m 4 Milena Basile Santa Clara University 18:25.99 5 Robin Bell Santa Clara University 18:26.53