Giove Pursuing Passions at SCU

Nicole Giove
Nicole Giove

By Carolyn Linck, '11

Nicole Giove is using her time at Santa Clara University to pursue all her passions – on the racecourse, in the classroom and on the Internet.  The junior communication major and track and cross country runner recently started a blog to share her photography and experiences as a student athlete at SCU. Click here to read her blog.

"I had been interested in starting a blog for a while, but I wasn't sure what I was going to blog about" explained Giove.  "I decided with running as my greatest passion, I would write about that."

Giove, a self-proclaimed "track nerd," began running competitively in the eighth grade but says she fell in love with sport in high school. 

"There's so much I love about running," said Giove.  "Most of all I value the relationships my teammates and I build through some of the conversations we have on our runs.  We really open up to each other and come up with the most interesting topics to talk about.  Plus running is such a great way to relieve the stress from the day and school."

Giove is hoping to share these stories on her blog, giving people an inside look at running for a Division I school.

"I want to share some of the emotions behind it, while also explaining some of my experiences competing as a collegiate athlete.  Hopefully I can show what I've learned from running at SCU."

Giove also views the blog as a great way to improve her writing, receive feedback from others and showcase one of her other passions – photography. 

"I'm interested in both journalism and photography as possible careers, so I think my blog is a great way to practice," said Giove, whose pictures are featured on the athletics department website and Facebook page.  "I was involved on the newspaper and yearbook staffs in high school, but got away from these activities when I came to college.  After I took my journalism class I realized how much I missed doing these things.  My blog is one way for me to get back into these interests."

Giove is keeping up with her budding blog in the midst of a successful track season. She ran a personal best in the 5000m this April in Chico.

"I felt great to run so well in Chico! I haven't run a personal best since my freshman year, so it's been a while," explained Giove. "All my teammates were there cheering and I really don't think I would have broken the 18 minute barrier if it weren't for some of them yelling in those final laps."

Indeed, Giove insists that her relationships with teammates have been the highlight of her Bronco career thus far.

"I feel like being there to support my teammates like they have been there to support me has been so important.  We've all really bonded incredibly. I'll miss all the senior so much next year, but I wish them the best of luck."