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2010 Senior Award Winners

2010 Senior Award Winners

June 9, 2010

Complete List of Senior Award Winners Through 1975 (pdf)

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - The Santa Clara University athletic department recently hosted its annual Senior Awards event, recognizing outstanding senior athletes or teams at the event. The Senior Awards date back to at least the 1970s.

Nominations for the Senior Awards are submitted by the Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) members and voting is conducted by the Senior Staff of the Athletic Department.

Below are the winners from 2010.

Henry Schmidt Award (1 recipient)
Named in honor of a former head athletics trainer, Henry was a dedicated and inspirational member of Santa Clara Athletics for more than 50 years. The Henry Schmidt Award is given annually to the school's top senior female athlete from the sports of basketball, soccer or volleyball.

2010 Winner: Lindsy Davigeadono (Volleyball)

Victor Corsiglia Award (1 recipient)
Victor Corsiglia was a long-time supporter of Santa Clara Athletics from the 1950's through the 1970's. He is best known for his big barbeques which he put on by himself for over 20 years. The Victor Corsiglia Award is given annually to the school's top senior male athlete from the sports of baseball, basketball or soccer.

2010 Winner: Geoff Klein (Baseball)

Pat Malley Awards for Men and Women (2 recipients)
Pat Malley was the embodiment of Santa Clara Athletics for many years. A legendary football coach and athletics director for 26 years, he is best known for his amazing dedication and commitment to students and athletes. The Pat Malley Award is presented annually to one male and one female senior athlete who best demonstrate the qualities or attitude, character, desire, competitive spirit and the will to excel both on and off the field of play.

2010 Female Winner: Caitlin Bellotti (Men's Rowing Coxswain)
2010 Male Winner: Stephen Koch (Cross Country)

James D. Farwell Awards for Men and Women (2 recipients)
James Farwell was founder and long-time coach of the Santa Clara University Men's Rowing program. The James D. Farwell Award is awarded annually to one male and one female senior athlete from the sports of cross country, golf, rowing, softball, tennis, track & water polo who best combine academic and athletic excellence.

2010 Male Winner: John Laughlin (Cross Country)

2010 Female Winner: Erin Sullivan (Golf)

Jim Jennings Award (1 recipient)
Jim Jennings, or "J.J." as he is commonly known, served as a volunteer in the Santa Clara Athletics Department for more than 20 years. The Jim Jennings Award is presented annually to a male or female senior non-athlete most distinguished for unselfish and loyal service to the Athletics Department. Candidates eligible for this award may be team managers, student trainers or student assistants in media relations, marketing, game management, facilities or other Athletics Department units.

 2010 Winner: Calvin Ruiz (Four year student trainer)

Bronco Spirit Award (2 team recipients)
Spirit and pride are traditional hallmarks of athletics at Santa Clara University. One male team and one female team that best display the tangible attributes of Bronco spirit are annually recognized as outstanding examples of this spirit among the student-athlete population.

2010 Male Team Winner: Cross Country
2010 Female Team Winner: Basketball

Carroll Williams Award (1 recipient)
The Carroll Williams Award, is awarded to a senior athlete who best demonstrates academic and athletic excellence while making an outstanding contribution in the area of community service.

2010 Winner: Annie Murphy-Hagan (Cross Country)

DJ Frandsen Award (1 recipient)
The DJ Frandsen Award, in honor of the former Men's Basketball team manager and athletic supporter, is given to a male or female senior athlete who has used courage, perseverance, and spirit to overcome adversity and now serves as a role model for hope and inspiration for others to follow.

2010 Winner: Jordan Angeli (Sixth-year Senior, Soccer)