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2007 Bronco Men's Water Polo Blog

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Hello fans, I hope you are looking forward to our upcoming season as much as the team! I am entering my 4th season as a Bronco but I red shirted my freshmen year so I still have one more year of eligibility after this season. I look forward in trying to give you a closer look at Bronco Water Polo and a little insight into my life.

Most of our returning team was up here over summer practicing and playing on club teams and I think there was lots of improvement during this time. Since early August we have been in preseason. It seems like forever that we have been practicing, but the truth is it has only been 13 days. Up to this point has been mostly conditioning and trying to learn the best way for each freshman to contribute his most this season. With daily trips to the training room to see if our aches and pains are more serious than we think or just to ice after practice, our season has started off considerable well.

We have 9 new freshmen as we enter the 2007 season and with some of the returning players injured, some will have to step up and take on a larger role to help out the team. Although we do not start school for another 2 weeks our games starts in a little over a week. One of my teammates mom said that we were ranked 16th preseason, right where we finished off last year. This is motivation for me. I think that we have the talent and drive to improve on our successes last year and finish higher our preseason ranking.

Everyone is looking forward to our trip to Princeton and hoping to make up for our trip to the east coast in 2006. Coach Wilbur also must be looking forward to making a visiting his Alma Mater. I am looking forward for him to show us some good eating spots, he has already hyped up "Hoagie Haven" so I hope it doesn't disappoint. This upcoming weekend we have some scrimmages so that will be a good test to see how we are doing before our trip back East. That's it for now, its time to catch a nap before our next practice.