Broncos Athletics

Bronco Student-Athletes Continue To Excel In Classroom

Nov. 17, 2006

Santa Clara, Calif. - Santa Clara University student-athletes continue to graduate at one of the highest rates on the West Coast, according to the graduation data recently released by the NCAA. The four-year average graduation rate for SCU student-athletes is 74 percent, tying the Broncos for the second highest rate on the West Coast.

That graduation rate also puts the Broncos in a tie with San Diego for the top four-year rolling graduation rate in the West Coast Conference. The Bronco student-athlete average rate is just below the student body average of 84%, but significantly ahead of the Division I student-athlete average of 63 percent.

In other measures of graduation success, Santa Clara student-athletes entering the University in 1999-2000, graduated at a rate of 77 percent, up from 63 percent the previous year. Also, the graduation success rate (GSR) of student-athletes at Santa Clara is 86 percent.

The NCAA developed the graduation success rate two years ago because the federal rate does not credit institutions with student-athletes who leave in good academic standing or for transfers into the school who graduate. The GSR accounts for both of those transfer groups, which has resulted in a more accurate depiction of student athlete success, since it captures about 35 percent more students than federal methodology.

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