Broncos Athletics

Pep Band Helps Revive Spirit

Nov. 3, 2005

The Santa Clara Editorial

For the longest time, we've been sitting around our newsroom thinking: what is the one thing that Santa Clara needs to improve the Bronco spirit and athletic event participation? Last week the answer emerged in the sports section: a pep band! That's it!

In all honesty, we give three cheers and then some to sophomores Andrew Willingham and Taylor Thorn for creating the new Santa Clara Pep Band. The band's 20 members debuted this past weekend at the women's volleyball match against Loyola Marymount.

Click Here to find out how you can be a part of the SCU Pep Band.

The crowd loved the band, and the added dimension of music at the game created an atmosphere of excitement and support for the Broncos (who beat the Lions, by the way, 3 to 1).

With the Ruff Riders in their matching shirts, students loudly heckling and cheering on the team AND the pep band playing our very own fight song, the Leavey Center was filled with Santa Clara spirit.

Students like Willingham and Thorn should be commended for organizing this lively student group and for trying to revive our dormant fight song. The band played the song twice during Saturday's game. Their next task is to teach everyone the words -- and with lines like, "oh, make the welkin resound," it may be harder than it seems.

With fall sports constantly charging towards victory, it's nice to see students taking a more active interest in Santa Clara sports.

A sense of identity through strong school spirit is something the university has been lacking in recent years, and through the addition of groups like the pep band, the future for the Broncos looks bright.

So when you next head out to the court or field to cheer on another Santa Clara triumph, keep an ear out for the spirited sounds of the pep band. Soon, we may all be humming the same tune:

"Rah! Rah! Varsity team, we are cheering for you! Our gallant heroes, sturdy, staunch and true."