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Dougherty Named To Bronco Bench Post

Dougherty Named To Bronco Bench Post

Sept. 16, 2005

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - The Bronco Bench Foundation entered a new era this year when Santa Clara University alum Charlie Dougherty, Jr. ('81) was selected as the organization's president.

He replaces Rick Giorgetti '70, who played football during his undergraduate days at Santa Clara and had served in the position since 2001. In its 43rd year of existence as the West Coast Conference's longest-running athletic fundraising organization, the Bronco Bench presented the SCU athletic department with a check in June for more than $1.4 million.

Dougherty will oversee all activities of the non-profit organization, which raises funds that are earmarked for scholarships for student-athletes at Santa Clara.

The Bronco Bench's Board of Trustees consists of:

Charlie Dougherty `81, President
Andy Schatzman `83, Vice President
Cindy Gion `88, Treasurer
Bob Dennis `79, Secretary
Hank Bataille `73
Brigid Benham `81
Jim Caviglia `70
Barry Cummings `59
Bill Dow `73
Bill Duffy `82
Patricia Ernstrom `88
Rick Giorgetti `70
Gary Hong
Lu Jenkins `57
Rick Knauf `81
Nick Livak `59 `63 Law
Claranne Long `78
Kimarie Manfre `79
Jack Previte `70
Greg Pruett `82 `84 MBA
Jim Purcell
Angie Robbiano `80 `01 MBA
Mike Seidler `87
Bob Sherrard `83
Kevin Walters `82 `94 Law
Darrin Underwood `87

"I am thrilled and excited to be taking over as the president of the Bronco Bench Foundation," said Dougherty. "During these past few years, I have grown to admire the dedication and commitment of the Trustees of the Bench. I know the job as President will take an extreme amount of time. I am ready for the challenge and look forward to a very successful upcoming year. We currently have an extremely talented group of Trustees who are dedicated to the cause, that being, increase giving to our student scholarship program. It is very rewarding for all of us when you see the type of student-athlete that SCU is enrolling"

The Bench was founded by Sal Sanfilippo '30, J.D. '32, and others to raise money for and build Buck Shaw Stadium, which the group then donated to the University. Subsequently, it was decided to keep the fundraising efforts going to benefit scholarships at SCU.

"The Bronco Bench is extremely critical to the athletic and academic success of our department and our wonderful student-athletes," said athletic director Dan Coonan. "The donors who help provide scholarships through the Bronco Bench are really making a significant impact in helping shape the future of Santa Clara Athletics."

Today, the Bronco Bench Foundation has a $16 million endowment and more than 1,300 individual and business donors. The Bench has periodically helped offset the cost of operations and facilities, but the primary focus is on scholarships. Over the years, the Bench has donated approximately $25 million to Santa Clara University.

For more information on the Bronco Bench, please call 408/554-5577 or click here.