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SCU Leads Commissioner's Cup

SCU Leads Commissioner's Cup

Jan. 5, 2006

SAN BRUNO, Calif. - After one of the most successful fall seasons in the history of the conference, the West Coast Conference announced the first update of the 2005-06 WCC Commissioner's Cup standings.

The Commissioner's Cup is an all-sports award presented at the end of each academic year to the league's top performing school in conference play. A Men's and Women's All-Sports Award, recognizing athletic achievement within each gender, will also be presented.

The recipient of the Commissioner's Cup is based on a point system reflecting the finish of each team at the conclusion of conference play. The Men's and Women's All-Sports Awards are given to the schools that accumulate the most points within each particular gender. The institution with the highest point total, after combining the men's and women's points, will be honored with the Commissioner's Cup. Pepperdine University captured the first three Commissioner's Cups, before Santa Clara University earned its first Commissioner's Cup last year.

In one of the most competitive seasons in recent memory, just nine points separates the first place and the fourth place teams. The parity in the Commissioner's Cup standings underlines the overall success of the WCC as all eight league institutions sent at least one team into the NCAA postseason.

Santa Clara is off to a good start in its quest for a second consecutive Commissioner's Cup, leading the Women's All-Sports division with 21 points, while leading the overall race with 33 points.

The Broncos are followed by the University of Portland with 27.5 overall points, and the University of San Francisco, which leads the WCC Men's All-Sports division with 15 points and boasts 25.5 points overall. Loyola Marymount University rounds out the top half with 24 overall points, followed by Gonzaga University with 19.5 points, and the University of San Diego with 17 points. Pepperdine is in seventh place with 16.5 points, while Saint Mary's College checks in with 16 overall points.

Commissioner's Cup
Santa Clara - 33.0
Portland - 27.5
San Francisco - 25.5
Loyola Marymount - 24.0
Gonzaga - 19.5
San Diego - 17.0
Pepperdine - 16.5
Saint Mary's - 16.0

Men's All-Sports
San Francisco - 15.0
Loyola Marymount - 12.0
Santa Clara - 12.0
Portland - 10.0
Gonzaga - 8.0
Saint Mary's - 6.0
San Diego - 5.0
Pepperdine - 3.0

Women's All-Sports
Santa Clara - 21.0
Portland - 17.5
Pepperdine - 13.5
Loyola Marymount - 12.0
San Diego - 12.0
Gonzaga - 11.5
San Francisco - 10.5
Saint Mary's - 10.0