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Broncos Earn League Academic Awards

Broncos Earn League Academic Awards

May 27, 2005

SAN BRUNO, Calif. - Several Santa Clara University student-athletes were honored as members of 2005 West Coast Conference Spring All-Academic teams, which honor some of the league's finest examples of the consummate scholar-athlete, the league office announced today.

At the completion of each athletic season, the WCC selects an all-academic squad for each of the participating sponsored sports. To be considered, a student-athlete must earn at least a 3.20 cumulative grade point average, while also being a significant contributor to his or her team.

"These honorees represent the commitment of WCC student-athletes to both academic and athletic excellence," said WCC Commissioner Michael Gilleran. "Every year, it's a difficult process to narrow the long list of qualified nominees from each institution. All of those nominated should be proud of their achievements."

Justin Blaine, USD, SR, Business, 3.67
Jackson Brennan, GON, JR, Communications, 3.65
Patrick Donovan, GON, JR, Sport Management, 3.60
T.J. Franco, USF, SR, Business, 3.30
Steve Kleen, PEP, SR, Sports Medicine, 3.50
Nick Kliebert, PEP, JR, Business, 3.61
Kea Kometani, PEP, SR, Economics, 3.34
Aaron McGuinness, GON, SO, Exercise Science, 3.45
Matthew Peters, POR, JR, Life Science, 3.48
Anthony Rea, SCU, SR, Economics, 3.42
Jesse Rodgers, POR, SO, Communications, 3.71
Andrew Smith, USF, JR, Media Studies, 3.70
Thomas Van Buskirk, SCU, SR, Computer Engineering, 3.56

Men's Golf
Alex Coe, PEP, JR, Business, 3.20
Jonathan Edwards, SCU, SR, Communications, 3.23
Jimmy Harris, USD, JR, Business, 3.44
Chaz Inoye, LMU, JR, Communications, 3.34
Joe Lanza, SMC, SR, Economics, 3.63
Trevor Loe, GON SO Accounting 3.73
John Marty, POR, SO, Business, 3.45
Matthew Munroe, GON, SR, Business, 3.32
Michael Putnam, PEP, SR, Business, 3.33
Michael Shelly, USD, SR, Business, 3.64

Women's Golf
Catherine Chamberlain, POR, SR, Biology, 3.34
Marissa Crnkovich, POR, SR, Biology, 3.45
Rachel Kyono, PEP, SR, Psychology, 3.25
Carolina Llano, PEP, JR, Business, 3.48
Kristin Nichols, USF, SO, Biology, 3.30
Jennifer Swanson, GON, SO, Psychology, 3.44
Ashley Williams, POR, SO, Business, 3.44

Women's Rowing
Lindsey Anderson, SMC, JR, Undecided, 3.71
Angela Chiarenza, USD, SR, Urban Studies, 3.46
Kari Durgan, GON, JR, English, 3.80
Laura Hellenthal, SCU, SR, Biology, 3.38
Erin Ludwig, LMU, JR, English, 3.43
Caitlin McClain, LMU, SR, Urban Studies/Poli. Sci., 3.94
Karen O'Hagan, GON, SR, Psychology/Poli. Sci., 3.61
Erin Palmiter, GON, JR, English, 3.43
Patricia Zawidski, USD, SR, Humanities, 3.72

Men's Tennis
Kevin Borzenski, PEP, JR, Political Science, 3.47
Scott Doerner, PEP, JR, Management, 3.42
Ben Hidalgo, SCU, SR, Finance, 3.60
Richard Johnson, PEP, SO, Biology, 3.70
Matt Phillips, LMU, SO, Business, 3.64
Pablo Pires de Almeida, USF, SR, Communications, 3.21
Oscar Plotnik, USD, JR, Business, 3.50
Bobby Rasmussen, SCU, So, Undecided, 3.60
Pierrick Ysern, USD, JR, Business, 3.61

Women's Tennis
Catherine Cochrane, SCU, SR, Marketing, 3.30
Eva Dickes, PEP, SO, Business, 3.77
Lauren Kazarian, USD, SR, Accounting, 3.71
Aude Lambert, SMC, SO, Undecided, 3.33
Kelly Leathers, SCU, SO, Undecided, 3.42
Camille Pamart, USF, SO, English, 3.61
Anna Skogerboe, USF, SR, Accounting, 3.68
Jessie Strunk, SCU, SR, Liberal Studies, 3.85