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Endowment Scholarship Donors Honored

Endowment Scholarship Donors Honored

Feb. 15, 2005

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Santa Clara University Athletics and the Bronco Bench Foundation honored its 2004-2005 endowed scholarship donors and benefactors at its annual Endowment Dinner Tuesday, February 1st at Lou's Village in San Jose, Calif.

A total of 88 student-athletes were recognized as recipients of 51 endowed, living or special scholarships. Senior men's soccer student-athlete Will Weatherly (Bellevue, Wash.) and senior golf student-athlete Courtney Dimpel-Composti (Aptos, Calif.) served as featured speakers. Santa Clara Director of Athletics Dan Coonan introduced each sport program and each scholarship honoree introduced themselves and recognized their benefactors.

Santa Clara Athletics Endowed Scholarships are established by gifts to the Bronco Bench Foundation, which enable students to participate in the University's Athletic Program. They are funded by the individuals whose names they bear or by bequests and gifts honoring the persons named.

Jack & Lukra Mariani Memorial Endowment Fund, Established 1977
Kyle Bailey - Men's Basketball
Okey Mbanugo - Men's Basketball
Travis Niesen - Men's Basketball

Frank S. Parducci Bronco Bench Athletic Endowment, Established 1977
Ashley Graham - Women's Basketball
Kasey Monteith - Women's Basketball
Julie Ryder - Women's Soccer
Scott Lonergan - Baseball

Bannan Family Endowment for Bronco Bench, Established 1984
Jessica Ballweg - Women's Soccer
Megan Kakadelas - Women's Soccer
Alyssa Sobolik - Women's Soccer
Erik Ustruck - Men's Soccer
Ryan Purtell - Men's Soccer
Mitch Henke - Men's Basketball

Nick Vanos Memorial Basketball Scholarship Fund, Established 1987
Scott Borchart - Men's Basketball
Sean Denison - Men's Basketball

Thomas J. Bannan Athletic Scholarship Fund, Established 1987
Alyssa Lantz - Volleyball
Lauren Zealear - Women's Soccer

The Santa Clara Soccer Endowment, Established 1997
Leslie Osborne - Women's Soccer

Vic Viegas Family Athletic Endowment, Established 2000
Michael Lange - Baseball
Patrick Overholt - Baseball

Harold J. Toso and Alma Turrini Endowment Fund, Established 2002
Ashley Gonnerman - Women's Basketball
Yasemin Kimyacioglu - Women's Basketball

Carroll Williams Endowed Scholarship, Established 2002
Doron Perkins - Men's Basketball

A.P. "Dutch" Hamann Family Endowment, Established 1977
Quinn Thomas - Women's Basketball

Morabito/Fox Athletic Endowed Scholarship, Established 1977
Matt Klenz - Men's Golf
Jonathan Edwards - Men's Golf

Harold J. Toso Bronco Bench Endowment, Established 1983
Will Weatherly - Men's Soccer
Jason Pan - Men's Soccer
Medhi Ballouchy - Men's Soccer
Robert Perry - Baseball

Rudy Scholz Memorial Athletic Scholarship Fund, Established 1985
Jenny Brown - Softball
Shannon Linerud - Softball

Francis J. Silva, S.J. Endowed Scholarships, Established 1990
Chris DeMartini - Men's Golf
Bonnie Bowman - Women's Soccer
Cat Sigler - Women's Soccer
Peter Moore - Men's Water Polo
Joseph Buttitta - Men's Soccer
Matthew Hatzke - Men's Soccer

Souza Family Scholarship
Anna Cmaylo - Volleyball
Samantha Trask - Women's Golf

Larry & Steve Schott Scholarship
Brody Angley - Men's Basketball

Clougherty Family Scholarship
Patrick Overholt - Baseball

Ted Welp Family Scholarship
Jason Matteucci - Baseball

The Frankel Family Scholarship
Kellan McConnell - Baseball

Robert & Helen Odell Fund Scholarship
Francisco Zepponi - Men's Tennis
Catherine Cochrane - Women's Tennis

Otis Forge Memorial Scholarship
Megan Pura - Volleyball
Bree Horvath - Women's Soccer
Candice Palmer - Women's Golf

Class of 1941 Memorial Scholarship
Catherine Radvanyi - Women's Water Polo
Kevin Starry - Men's Water Polo

Marygrace Colby Athletic Scholarship
Janalle Kaloi - Women's Tennis

John J. "Paddy" Cottrell Scholarship
Ryan Conan - Baseball

Marvin H. Langholff Memorial Scholarship Fund
Crystal Matich - Volleyball

Phil & Bobbie Sanfilippo Scholarship
Annalisa Muratore - Volleyball
Catherine Flynn - Women's Water Polo

Sal Sanfilippo Family Scholarship
Cassie Perrett - Volleyball

Dooling Family Scholarship, Established 1968
Michelle Cozad - Women's Basketball
Anthony Igwe - Men's Soccer

"Cas" Castruccio Endowed Athletic Scholarship Fund, Established 1981
Lana Bowen - Women's Soccer
Micaela Esquivel - Women's Soccer
Eric Irvine - Men's Soccer

Richley Family Endowment, Established 1983
Anna Martin - Women's Basketball

Athletic Scholarship Endowment, Established 1985
Scott Lonergan - Baseball

Richley Family Endowment, Established 1986
Brandon Rohe - Men's Basketball

Harry S. Wolter Athletic Endowment, Established 1985
Michael Thompson - Baseball

Pat Malley Memorial Bronco Bench Foundation Endowment, Established 1985
Kayla Huss - Women's Basketball

Ester T. Goss Endowed Scholarship, Established 1987
Marian Dalmy - Women's Soccer

Paul & Betty Baldacci Family Scholarship, Established 1990
Toni Muratore - Volleyball

Conn Brothers Scholarship, Established 1990
Casey Knutson - Women's Tennis
Taylor Bedilion - Men's Tennis

Nally Family Scholarship, Established 1990
Nathan Faulkner - Baseball

Clay McGowan Family Scholarship, Established 1990
Michael Stutes - Baseball
John Colyar - Men's Golf

Dave Cichoke Memorial Scholarship, Established 1991
Chris Doerhoff, Men's Cross Country

Peter Lillevand Scholar-Athlete Endowment, Established 1991
Ethan Rodde - Men's Basketball

J. Alfred & Cristine Dowd Scholarship, Established 1993
Robin Bell - Women's Cross Country
Katie Hansen - Women's Cross Country
Shannon Bell - Women's Cross Country

Ardyce Handlery Golf Scholarship Fund, Established 1996
Courtney Dimpel-Composti - Women's Golf

Larry & Karen McDonald Family Scholarship Endowment, Established 1996
Donald Brandt - Baseball

Lester A. Tikvica Endowment for Bronco Bench, Established 1998
Tristan Parham - Men's Basketball

Homer J. & Anne Halligan Helmstein Endowed Scholarship, Established 1998
Kelley Johnson - Softball

Donald B. Starkey Memorial Basketball Endowment, Established 1998
Jordan Legge - Men's Basketball

Edith and Harold Toso Endowed Scholarship, Established 1999
Tori Markey - Women's Basketball

Jim Jennings Basketball Endowment, Established 1999
Brandon Rohe - Men's Basketball

Cleary Family Endowed Scholarship Fund, Established 2000
Anthony Rea - Baseball

Bruce Hale Memorial Scholarship
Ethan Rohde - Men's Basketball