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Santa Clara University Athletics Unveils Branding Initiative

June 4, 2004

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    SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- In cooperation with Phoenix Design Works, the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) and its office of communications and marketing, the Santa Clara University department of athletics and recreation has developed a new family of logos and word marks for its intercollegiate athletics, club sports and recreation programs, Director of Athletics and Recreation Cheryl L. Levick officially announced today.

    "This new identity system is intended to capture the rich tradition of Santa Clara athletics as well as appeal to a variety of demographics," said Levick. "We look forward to these marks being well received by students, alumni and friends of the program and believe that this new logo identity system will be long-lasting and continue to foster pride in our programs.

    "Releasing a new family of athletic marks and logos will also provide the university with an opportunity to enhance revenues through licensing royalties. The introduction of these new marks should help us extend our brand into new retail outlets and positively position athletics merchandise as we achieve success on the field or the court."

    The new identity program for SCU athletics was created by nationally-recognized Phoenix Design Works (PDW) of New York City and includes the following components:

  • A primary mark that features both a logo (the new-look Bronco) and word mark (Santa Clara);
  • A design update of the traditional Block SC logo;
  • Sport and athletics-related department specific logos that incorporate both the Bronco and Santa Clara
  • word marks;
  • Secondary marks;
  • Definitions of style on proper logo and word mark usage by internal and external constituencies.

    The primary mark introduces a new Bronco logo that has been absent from the athletic department for several years, while the Block SC has received an update that provides dimension and definition. In addition, the department will continue to use cardinal red (PMS color 202) and white as its official colors, while utilizing grey and black as accent colors in many of the new logos and marks.

    "We are very excited about the new athletic identity that we have created with the Santa Clara athletic department," said Jamie Skiles, Principal and Creative Director of Phoenix Design Works. "With this family of marks, you will see moving as opposed to stationary images, and the Bronco itself will play a much more prominent role in identifying Santa Clara Athletics."

    "The development of a solid brand identity is foundational to any licensing program and will form the very basis for marketing and promoting SCU's athletics programs. We look forward to working with retailers and SCU's licensed manufacturers to maximize its introduction into the retail marketplace."
    Brian White, Collegiate Licensing Company.

    The project began over a year ago with an internal review of existing athletic marks and their ability to accurately reflect the energy and direction of the department as well as their marketing and merchandising potential. After that review, the department negotiated a funding strategy with PDW and CLC that did not place a strain on existing resources while creating a lasting revenue stream.

    A committee, comprised of a cross-section of individuals from various constituencies on campus, met to review initial concepts and help provide direction to the design process. Throughout the year, athletic department officials worked with PDW and CLC to refine a number of different looks and presented a group of finalists to the university's senior level staff and president Paul Locatelli. Phoenix put the finishing touches on the logos and marks and delivered the final product to Santa Clara Athletics and CLC in mid-May.

    "Through the direction of the committee and the support of Susan Shea and the office of communications and marketing as well as the president's office, Phoenix Design was able to capture a traditional collegiate look while also appealing to the retail marketplace and a younger audience," said Richard Kilwien, associate athletic director at SCU. "We have a great deal of respect for the history and tradition of Santa Clara and we worked to retain that. However, the lack of a marketable mascot logo the past several years has inhibited our ability to extend the Santa Clara brand. Together, with the help of Collegiate Licening Company, we should be able to expand our apparel selection and place products bearing our logo into more retail outlets."

    Notification of the development of the new athletics logo has been provided to existing and potential vendors that produce goods bearing the trademarks and the institution has begun implementing licensing policies regarding their use. CLC manages all aspects of licensing the marks for internal and external use on merchandise and other products. The department is in the process of developing a merchandising plan for rollout in the fall and working with College Sports Online, Inc. to redesign its official athletic website, for an August relaunch.

    "We are very honored to have the opportunity to be a part of the introduction of Santa Clara University's new athletic identity," said Brian White, CLC's Senior Director of University Services. "Specifically, we look forward to working with retailers and SCU's licensed manufacturers to maximize its introduction into the retail marketplace. CLC has extensive experience in working closely with universities to introduce new brand identities. The development of a solid brand identity is foundational to any licensing program and will form the very basis for marketing and promoting SCU's athletics programs.

    "Dozens of universities throughout the country have modified or completely changed their brand identities during the last few years with very positive results. We anticipate a very positive response from fans and other university supporters to SCU's new athletics logos."

    Santa Clara University athletic teams have been known as the Broncos since November, 1923. The Rev. Hubert Flynn, S.J., professor of philosophy at Santa Clara, is credited with creating the mascot. After attending a rodeo, he wrote: "The Bronco is a native westerner, a chunk of living dynamite, not very big but game to the core. He can kick and oh boy how he can buck. If you turn him loose in an open field his speed outstrips the wind. The real Bronco is closely identified with the old Santa Clara Mission days of the Padres, when large herds of cattle roamed their lands and annual roundups were held. The Bronco's distinctive traits typify all we could wish for in an athletic organization." Afterward the student newspaper endorsed the mascot and from that point forward, athletic teams at SCU have been known as the Broncos.

    In 1891 red and white were chosen as the school colors. Forty years later, a rousing debate erupted between two priests, T.J. O'Connell class of 1892 and Patrick Foote, S.J., over the origins of that choice. What seems to be clear is that some teams wore red and white in the 1880s and that the student body successfully petitioned for that combination of colors to be designated as the official school colors.

    About Phoenix Design Works
    Phoenix Design Works is a leader in the sports design and branding industry. Based in New York, the company has worked with shaping the athletic identities of over 60 colleges and universities in the past three years, including LSU, Arkansas, Harvard, and Saint Joseph's. Phoenix Design also has a long resume in professional sports, counting Major League Baseball, the Breeders' Cup, NASCAR, and the National Basketball Association among its high-profile clients.

    About Collegiate Licensing Company
    The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) is the oldest and largest full-service collegiate licensing representative in the nation. Based in Atlanta, Ga., CLC employs a staff of more than 70 licensing professionals with the capability to establish and manage every aspect of a collegiate licensing program. CLC's members include more than 200 colleges, universities, bowl games, athletic conferences, the Heisman trophy, and the NCAA (including the Men's and Women's Final Four, the College World Series, and all NCAA Championships). CLC has represented Santa Clara University since 1991 and is responsible for protecting and marketing the University's trademarks.