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Bronco Kidz Sets Membership Records

March 25, 2003

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Bronco Kidz continues have set a new record for members this year, totaling 382 young Santa Clara fans as members. This number exceeded last year's record year of 284 Bronco Kidz Members.

Bronco Kidz kicked off in the Fall of 2001 as the revitalized version of the Junior Bronco Club, providing an organization specifically for young Santa Clara fans in eighth grade or younger. The Junior Bronco Club had 20 members during the 2000-2001 season. While the two clubs were essentially the same, Bronco Kidz features a more comprehensive program that rewards loyal fans with "Bronco Points" for attending games, with seasonal awards being passed out to the "Kidz All-Starz." Bronco Kidz members are also invited to participate in a variety of clinics and events just for Kidz throughout the year.

"Having graduated 20 years ago, Bronco Kidz has provided a reason to reconnect with the university," said Bernadette Weller, parent of Bronco Kidz Katy and David ages 12 and 10. "More importantly, it's given me a chance to introduce my kids to the university and the athletic department. Now they feel as at home as I did on campus, and more importantly, they have started to think about attending Santa Clara as students."

For Gina Geraci, age 6 and the Fall 2002 Bronco Kidz MVP, her favorite parts of Bronco Kidz are that you "get to go to the games" and "get to go to the clinics." Her favorite sport is women's volleyball, because they "get to hit the ball hard." An aspiring soccer and softball player herself, Gina most often attends games with her parents, her brother, Aaron, and her sister, Deanna.

Each sport features a Bronco Kidz Day -- a particular sporting event that Kidz members get in free and members are usually allowed to join the players on the field or court for introductions and the National Anthem. Saturday, April 13 will be the Bronco Kidz Day as the Bronco Baseball team takes on the Toreros of USD. Kidz are invited to "Take Over Buck Shaw" and will be able to assist in all aspects of the gams, from selling programs to playing the music. Registration is required and only Bronco Kidz members are eligible.

It's not too late to join in the fun for the 2002-2003 season. Members will be accepted until late May, when renewals and applications will begin to be accepted for 2003-2004. Questions about the Kidz, email [email protected]

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    Bronco Kidz Fall 2002 All-Stars

    2002 Fall Bronco Kidz MVP
    Gina Geraci, 224 Bronco points

    First-Team, All-Kidz
    Joshua Gisi, 216 points
    Deanna Geraci, 212 points
    Samantha Gisi, 210 points
    Aaron Geraci, 192 points

    Second-Team, All-Kidz
    Preston Kilwien, 186 points
    Brittany Bagwell, 162 points
    Ethan Bagwell, 142 points
    Jim McCambridge, 131 points
    Sarah Hawley, 125 points

    Honorable Mention
    Robby Genochio (116), Ryan Shenefiel (113), Joey Genochio (104), Tyler Shenefiel (103), Tayler Nichols (103), Trevor Borello (103)

    For a complete list of Bronco Kidz point totals, click here for Bronco Kidz Winter 2002 Newsletter.