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Santa Clara Alumni Association Partners with Athletics for 16 Events During 2001-2002 Seasons

Oct. 11, 2001

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Santa Clara University's Department of Athletics and Recreation will take part in 16 events hosted by the Santa Clara Alumni Association. All 16 events during the 2001-2002 seasons will coincide with selected home and away Bronco games.

"Our hope in these events, like in all Alumni events, is to bring the Santa Clara University family closer together," said Assistant Director of Alumni Relations and class of 2000, Charlie Cownie. "We see these athletics events as a good chance to renew the SCU camaraderie and spirit that is so often associated with the various athletic teams."

The first of 16 events will take place in Spokane, Washington this Sunday as part of the Santa Clara women's soccer game against Gonzaga. The postgame event is being coordinated locally in Spokane by Joe Tombari, Santa Clara class of '87. Tombari can be contacted for futher information regarding the event at 509-926-8439. The entire list of Alumni Events involving Bronco Athletic events is listed below.

Date	    Chapter	   Event Title				Event Contact
10/14/01    Spokane	   SCU Women's Soccer Postgame	        Joe Tombari '87, 509-926-8439
10/16/01    San Jose	   SCU Volleyball Alumni Night		Alumni Office, 408-554-6800
10/19/01    San Francisco  SCU Men's Soccer Game		Mike Conn '90, 415-921-3583
10/20/01    Alumni Assn.   Rugby Alumni Reunion		        Alumni Office, 408-554-6800
10/21/01    San Jose	   Men's Soccer Pregame Reception	Alumni Office, 408-554-6800
11/3/01	    Alumni Assn.   Bronco-Don-Gael-Luncheon		Alumni Office, 408-554-6800
11/14/01    Orange Cnty.   SCU Update-Jesuit Point of View	Shannon Huhn '86, 949-494-4866
11/15/01    San Diego	   SCU Update				Sean Saadeh '95, 619-255-1805
11/24/01    Seattle	   Men's Basketball Pregame Reception	Jorge Sevilla '92, 206-634-2677
12/1/01	    Reno	   Men's Basketball Pregame Reception	Len Savage '82, 775-828-4193
1/10/02	    Spokane	   Men's Basketball Pregame Reception	Joe Tombari '87, 509-926-8439
1/19/02	    San Diego	   Men's Basketball Pregame Reception	Sean Saadeh '95, 619-255-1805
1/26/02	    San Jose	   Basketball Pregame Italian Buffet	John Doherty '91, 408-554-4888
2/1/02	    East Bay	   SCU - SMC Men's Basketball Game	Dave Tripaldi '65
2/2/02	    San Francisco  Women's B-ball Postgame Reception	Mike Conn '90, 415-921-3583
2/22/01	    Los Angeles	   Women's Basketball Reception	        David Bence '71, 310-543-4623