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NCAA Launches Nutrition and Performance Website

May 3, 2002

The NCAA has created a new section on its Web site that promotes a healthy and safe environment for its student-athletes by providing education and awareness on optimal nutrition, positive body image and peak performance. The section was created by NCAA interns, many of whom are former student-athletes; NCAA staff members; athletics administrators and members of the NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports.

The NCAA Nutrition and Performance section was designed to educate student-athletes on a variety of topics, such as healthy eating habits, preparation for peak performance, eating disorders, dietary guidelines and wellness. The section suggests ways to create a positive and healthy environment for student-athletes.

The main page of the section features five target groups-the student-athlete, athletics administrators, coaches, athletic trainers and parents. The target groups represent the audiences who have significant influence on student-athletes and who promote the physical and psychological well-being of student-athletes.

Each target group has a link that leads to a secondary page that provides checklists, links to other educational programs and practical information that is specific to that particular target group. The student-athlete page includes tips on how to obtain peak performance and ways to improve nutritional intake. The athletics administrator page provides resources to ensure the health of the student-athlete. The parents' page provides guidance to encourage healthy behavior, proper eating habits and lifelong fitness for sons and daughters who are student-athletes. The coaches' page provides guidelines to promote a healthy and safe environment for student-athletes through communication, education and intervention tactics. The athletic trainer page contains information to expand knowledge on the subjects of nutrition and performance for student-athletes.

"The planning committee wanted to create a site that provided additional information to our target groups on the health and well-being of student-athletes," Rekha Patterson, an NCAA intern and member of the Nutrition and Performance planning committee, said. "We hope this will be an educational site for student-athletes and everyone who has influence on student-athletes." Patterson is a former student-athlete at North Carolina A&T State University.

The Nutrition and Performance section of the Web site will be updated periodically. To access the section, go to, click on Education/Outreach and Nutrition and Performance.