Broncos Athletics

West Coast Conference Selects All-Academic Teams

June 4, 2001

SAN BRUNO, Calif. - The 2001 West Coast Conference Spring All-Academic teams honor some of the league's finest examples of the consummate scholar-athlete. At the completion of each athletic season, the WCC selects a ten-member all-academic squad for each of the participating sponsored sports. To be considered, a student-athlete must earn at least a 3.20 cumulative grade point average while also being a significant contributor to his or her team.

"The dedication of our student-athletes, both in and out of the classroom, impresses me every year," said WCC Commissioner Michael Gilleran. "It's quite an accomplishment for these 61 individuals to receive this honor and to represent such an outstanding pool of nominees."

Bryan Dearinger POR Jr. 3.86 Political Science
Travis Hanson POR So. 3.68 Business
Jared Hertz GON Sr. 3.94 Finance
Brian Houle SMC Sr. 3.35 History
Joe Lima USD Jr. 3.23 Business
Cory Lunde POR Jr. 3.92 Education
Greg Moore USF Grad 3.46 Sports Management
Joey Prast USD Fr. 3.62 Business
Eric Rodland GON So. 3.7 Mechanical Engineering
Kevin Rose USF Fr. 3.95 Biology

Jason Allred PEP Jr. 3.6 Speech
Anthony Buergel GON Fr. 3.96 Business
Michael Farrell LMU Fr. 3.6 Political Science
Ryan Hanratty USD Sr. 3.27 Business
David Hill GON So. 3.49 Computer Science
Jeppe Nielsen USD Grad 3.83 Business
Tony Okano SCU Sr. 3.42 Accounting
Jon Sanford POR Jr. 3.23 Engineering
Chad Thompson USF Sr. 3.64 Accounting
Ryan Wilson USF Jr. 3.21 Marketing

Alicia Gilb GON Sr. 3.77 Public Relations
Ramie Takahashi PEP Sr 3.38 Accounting
Kate Waggoner PEP Fr. 3.61 Telecommunications
Natalie Nakamura USF Sr. 3.39 Communications
Jessica Abbott SCU So 3.32 Business
Megan Radonich POR So. 3.51 Business
Cecily Quinajon POR So. 3.53 Nursing
Sarah Walter POR Jr. 3.49 Electrical Engineering
Stephanie Nado POR Jr. 3.27 Accounting
Lisa Schwinden POR Jr. 3.44 Journalism

Timo Barry GON Fr. 3.63 Business
Burak Berksoy GON Sr. 3.55 Electrical Engineering
Thomas Burgemeister SMC So. 3.94 Business
Christian Dyvik USF So. 3.58 Business
Mike Munson USF Jr. 3.45 Economics/Finance
Jeff Nunnenkamp POR Sr. 3.26 Business
Arturo Planell SMC Sr. 3.21 Business/Philosophy
Mattias Tangefjord USD Sr. 3.41 Business
Boris Vallejo SMC Sr. 3.48 Political Science
Shaun Whitney GON So. 3.34 Pre-Med/Biology
Joel Wilkie GON Sr. 3.83 Physics

Paola Arrangoiz USD Jr. 3.91 Business
Penka Fileva LMU So. 3.46 Business
Karen Holland SMC Sr. 3.73 Computer Science/Physics
Jamie Johnson USF Jr. 3.8 International Business
Heidi Kromshroder USF Sr. 3.9 International Business
Christine Limbers SCU So. 3.65 Arts & Sciences
Maren Mueller PEP Sr. 3.35 Economics
Ipek Senoglu PEP Sr. 3.43 International Business
Caroline Tweeton USF Jr. 3.66 Exercise Science
Aaryn Volkmann USF So. 3.93 Psychology

Christine Dennler SMC Jr. 3.97 Business
Tara Doyle SMC So. 3.91 English/Women's Studies
Laura Duryvea USD Jr. 3.6 Business
Christine Leman SCU So. 3.54 Engineering
Sabrina Linden SMC Sr. 3.52 Liberal Studies
Charlotte Livingstone LMU Jr. 4 Liberal Arts (Masters)
Nicole Lustig GON Sr. 3.86 Special Education
Victoria Olson GON Sr. 3.74 Honors Biology
Christina Orsa LMU Sr. 3.37 Natural Science
Allison Wesbey USD Jr. 3.78 Economics