Broncos Athletics

Bronco Director of Athletics Named Woman of Achievement

March 28, 2001

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Santa Clara University Director of Athletics Cheryl L. Levick was honored as the 2001 recipient of the Woman of Achievement Award in the category of sports by the Women's Fund at the organization's annual awards dinner.

"The Women of Achievement Awards honor deserving nominees from the Bay Area who reflect the true spirit of accomplishment, dedication, perseverance and humanitarianism needed to lead women through the next century," said Women's Fund Board President Jennie Z. Meehan. "These women are role models who inspire other women and young girls to follow their dreams and embrace diversity."

Levick, who was honored earlier this year as the National Administrator of the Year by the National Association of Collegiate Women Athletic Administrators, was one of four nominees in the category of sports. The award recognizes the individual college, amateur, professional and organizationally-sponsored athletes, administrators, coaches, trainers, recruiters and staff members who demonstrate superior ability, winning performance, positive sports-womanship and contribute to promoting their sport.

"I'm deeply honored to be selected the Woman of Achievement for sports by the Women's Fund," said Levick, who is one of only a few female Division IA Directors of Athletics in the nation. "Making a difference in the lives of student-athletes is extremely rewarding both personally and professionally. I am deeply committed to serving as a role model to help young girls and women. I've had several role models that have helped shape my life and I hope I can give back as much as I have received over the years."

The Women's Fund is a non-partisan organization that endeavors to enrich the lives of Bay Area women. Since 1972, the Women's Fund has acknowleged over 200 outstanding women for their achievements and contributions in the categories of arts, communications, community service, corporate, education, elected public officials, entrepreneur, labor, professions, public service, science and technology, small business, sports and volunteerism.